All perk glitch

Game mode: [Online Official]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [U.S]
Are you guys aware there is a glitch to gain all perks at once? I am not naming specifics here because it seems most people don’t know how to do it yet. So to keep this from spreading I will respond to any private messages or emails.
Thank you
Sincerely Joe Henderson

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

they have known about this since launch and do nothing about it

You mean the one that popped up only within the last month and we fixed on PC today?

“No longer possible to bring all attributes to 50.
(Player attributes will be reset to the correct amount of points available for the characters level)”

This will be fixed on consoles soon. :slight_smile: Has to go through CERT and all that jazz first.
Thank you ChaoticJoe for not specifying how to reproduce this here though. I appreciate you letting us know in any case! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other reports.


Hi pals and GM
we meet the such player in Asia official server, these days,

these guys usel the same armor and sword as ours, he kill one by 2 cuts, continue to kill 3( no doubt, he can 1 by 3 and alive)
then pick up all of silent armor, then keep run away.
In the battle, 10 peoples die many times, and he is still alive!!, what a powerful god…

if GM want to check his attribute, welcome to mail me for detail,
the server is Office #3395.

This is already fixed on PC and will be fixed ASAP for consoles, too. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Any ETA on when it will roll out on console?

You mean that you know for a month that some players have 50 on all stats and let the others wondering of what’s wrong with us and some players to spit on our faces of how big loosers we are?

Do you have “pay to win” players? As you still allow dozen of mechanics that makes them untouchable to us?

I’m not sure what you’re arguing here to be honest. That we fixed an exploit? We knew it was an issue and worked to fix it as soon as possible. Fixing these sorts of things can take some time. In fact, we’re not done patching other issues either. Thanks for your patience!

Marking as closed since this issue is fixed on PC and coming to consoles soon.