All thralls die after placing the thrall pot (to feed them)


Game mode: [Singleplayer; PS4]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [Germany]

I’ve loaded my last singleplayer-savegame from before the update. When I place the thrall pod, all of the thralls feeding timers are set to 0. Thus, they die immediatlely. There is no time to place food in the pod. Even if I do that, the food disappears but don’t feed the thralls. Shortly after, every thrall is dead who do not work on some kind of workbench. When I do not craft and place the pod, the game seems to run normal… I’m not sure.

Previously, I hat to restore my savegame from the PSN-Cloud (a copy) because the last update completely crashed my local savegame on the ps4. But the pot problem occurs repeatendly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load the last savegame from before the update 34
  2. Craft the thrall pod
  3. Place the thrall pod
  4. Enjoy the show


I’ve tried several things… First, I disabled the new feed feature. Then I placed some pods and put some food into it. Then I reactivated the feed feature. Now it seems to work… I have a lot of thralls. Maybe that was to much for the beginning…


Ps4 US rented server thrall pots working have not gone back to offline game yet welcome to visit our server wife and I WYRM,S BANE few others


If it can make you feel better the thralls in my single player game are all gone too, and I didn’t even have to place the pot.
Not that I care, my single player is used just to test stuff as adm, so they were all summoned, but yeah, all thralls not bound to benches are gone after Midnight Grove patch.


I “solved” the problem so far: I’ve deactivated the feature via server options, placed three pods with lots of food, and tuned it on again. Until now, no one of my thralls have died so far…


Come on funcom! Fix this laggy servers. I was log out 2x.


O yea! This happen 5x a day and I dnt I’m the only 1.


What the F funcom I was just log out 3x under 10min n I lost my travel world map, boss key, weapons, and perfect Flawless armors. Are going to return that to me!?


I like this game funcom but pls make the game more fun and playable not glitche and logging players out 5x or more in a day. Pls fix the part that when the game crash the character will not keep running and die I just like what happen to me in the volcano 3x. The hardest part is that we don’t have any options of spawn place but the desert.


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