Allow Floor/Ceiling Tiles To Overlap in Certain Situations

I am aware that some level of overlapping is present in the screenshot however I can’t close off the hole in the middle.

The situation is caused by triangular tiles not having the same length as square tiles.
When I say “length” I don’t mean the length of one side of the triangle, but the height itself (in geometry terms).

I’m not sure if making the triangles the same height as the squares will fix this thing. Perhaps adding right-angle triangles might solve this.

In that case I am fine with overlapping tiles as long as they are considered “connected” and not a non-collision piece.

FYI - I can still fall through that hole.

put a rug over it and no one will know XD

Haha, never thought of it actually xD

The sad fact of the matter is that there will be no clean way to plug that hole.
Funcom has only opted to give us isosceles triangles and neglected to give us right angle triangles. To build with the triangles present you would have had to plan them into your build from the beginning.
On top of their awkward shape they also eat up 20 stability per tile making them even more difficult to build with.
I would make a suggestion to fix it but it would alter the whole build. Something I’m sure you might not want to do.
Good luck patching that hole.