Allow players to create supply bundles

With the crafting system in 3.0, where most things are created using the construction hammer, it would be nice to create a bundle of supplies which you could use to bring along. I’m not asking for a weight reduction in the resources, just more of an organizational thing where (for example) you could create a package of wood, metal, etc. that would only take one slot and which you could use to create “stuff”. I think it would make our inventory less of a cluttered mess.

Just as an easy example, let’s say you wanted to go somewhere to setup a thralling camp. Instead of taking a bunch of brick, steel reinforcements, twine, wood, etc. that you’d need for a wheel, a bonfire and some torches, you could package all that stuff up into one “bundle” and when you use the construction hammer it can draw those resources from that bundle. When you tear everything down, it could either go back into an existing bundle or you could create a new one.

It would also make it easier to pass resources to other people. Again, not asking for something like the bearer bundles where you can have 500 steel with a weight of 5. Just something to make organizing our inventory easier.


I have a problem with this. If you can squish 40 stacks of wood and 50 stacks of hardened bricks into 1 slot, then people who run with an encumbrance build would have infinite inventory space instead of a 200 slot limit currently in place. I can’t imagine PvP wouldn’t like that very much either, it would mean 1 person could raid an offline base and keep everything, in one trip.

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I don’t think it would need to be unlimited, you could keep a “bundle” restricted to one maximum stack of a particular resource and also limit how many different types of resources could be in a bundle. But I do see your point that PvPers would probably not be a fan of something like this.

I understand your need to unclutter the inventory, my suggestion is an Ammo Pouch and a Potion Bag, One slot in the inventory that unfolds into a 4 or 6 slot mini window that only holds : for instance the Ammo Pouch - Arrows, Throwing Axes, Javelins, Bombs (things that get used up) and the Potion Bag holds Aloe potions, Poison bottles , Elixers. That would really clear up my inventory at least.


That would work too. I guess I’d just like a way to have “crafting stuff” separated from all of the other things in my inventory so it’s not such a hot mess. Maybe an alternative would be some better sorting options.

Well this could be managed in the way, that all the bundles would actually “use” your inventory slots the same as if there were in normal way, like now. Meaning you could have for example only 5 bundles, because all the slots inside them would still count.

I think that this was what author had in mind in first place. Not finding another way of unfair exploiting, just to be able to have organized bundle in few inventory slots, and no need to go through all the stacks, scrolling and finding and rearanging them, whenever you use some of them (most of the time leaving blank spots in your inv, while you are trying to manage it sometimes, the scrolling mouse button suffers and we all do as well. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah, this is also very good idea. Something like this is available in Baldur’s Gate series, where you maybe have more playable characters with inventory, but without those bundles for particular items you would have to return to the shopkeepers all the time.

If there would not be any botomless bundle, than I second this. :+1:

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Black Desert has a tool bag. That’s a good idea. Not sure how it would work with the selection wheel though.

“Bundles” aren’t containers… they’re… food… essentially and they spawn those items out of the blue when consumed.

So trying to reverse that would be quite messy, probably lead to some item duplication glitches and as pointed out above make bodyvaulting even worse than it already is.

While inventory clutter can be annoying in general… I don’t see how it would be more annoying in the specific scenario pointed out above, I mean if you already have all the stuff in your inventory the hammer will pull it out of there regardless and if you have the required amount, instantly build your thrall station.

If we’re inserting new inventories though, then another nice one would be a tiny key ring to hold all the silly keys…


Okay, so far we know we would appreciate:

  1. Base materials bundle (bricks/stone, wood, reinforcements)
  2. Quiver
  3. Key ring
  4. Potion/wraps bundle
  5. Herbal sack? (herbs, seeds)
  6. Scroll case? (notes, recipes)
  7. “???” case for Siptah items, cause Lesser are really a pain to contain

And to your point:
Maybe it could be done in another way? Like you don’t have to open the bundle, so it all pops up again, and you still can use the materials inside - you just build with the hammer and all inventory stays nice and clean and empty. And only in case you need to, you take out the rest of materials, to put them somewhere else, or in your inventory in normal stacks.

But I have to agree that this system may sound nice, but it certainly would not be so easy to make it real and functioning, just like we came up with this idea. :smiley:

I mean, they could probably divide the inventory into subcategories fairly easily and display them differently… wouldn’t affect much of their existing stuff as long as they don’t try to make completely separate inventories instead of just adding a category flag for how the UI should display them
(I’m talking internally ofc, they could still display that in however many separate GUI “inventories” they wish)


Well, after all what you described is not the same as (for example) creating the whole new layout for some game mechanism, so maybe this could do.

I think that those ideas are actually pretty awesome and those could make the game more convenient for every player. Imagine those bundles and containers as something for what you are forced to do some effort in adition (they should not be craftable, but obtainable via quests, or bought…) Just some stuff you don’t actually need, but you can have some adventure to earn it.

Able to create folders in the inventory while respecting the slot limit could be a way to not exploit beast of burden, but get somewhat more organized. Maybe with a right click “enable to craft from” to don’t use up resources accidentally.

OMFG a key ring would be absolutely brilliant! or at least let Skeleton Keys stack with each other, if im not mistaken don’t the rusted keys in the Warmaker dungeon stack?

Yes, rusted and skeleton keys stack. The rest won’t add to inventory, if you already have it (Sanctum, Ancient, Arena key). Easy way to overcome this tho. :smiley:

But imo hoarding rusted keys would lead to a trouble. So you manage to amass 20 rusted keys, you go to the Warmaker’s. Even though Champion is there, the boxes haven’t respawned yet. And you waste your keys for opening the door with chest which has nothing, because it was looted before. I don’t know, if this would be good idea.

Imo it is the part of running this dungeon. You want the scraps, 4-8 pieces by run? Just take it at the moment there from the chests, run the four doors for the loot and then let it respawn for others. Can’t really see point in amassing those if you don’t want to spend your time with waiting for the scraps chest to respawn, which would be 20 minutes, I pressume.

EDIT: I think and realized you actually can get the Arena key in more pieces, cause you can receive it as a drop from the dead boss wight.

So instead of carrying 200 insulated wood, 200 hardened bricks, 200 steel reinforcements and 150 twine you want to pre-package all this stuff into a “package” called “Greater Wheel of Pain” and then carry it around? Waaait a second… :grin:

If I could give it a little icon that looked like a wheel of pain, I’d like that too. :wink:

But yeah, I’m the kind of dude who likes to organize things in discrete categories that can be searched and sorted, not just a mass of “stuff” in my inventory.

Whenever I watch streams and players just throw random materials into boxes (or worse yet, unrelated crafting stations) it sends me over the edge. “Nooo, don’t put all those rocks in the campfire, what are you doing!?”

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