Backpacks...(some might say load outs)

What if there was a way to have actual backpacks. You might even call them loadout packs.

The idea is to set up different types of load-outs that you can go to your base and pick up based on what you’re setting out to do.

So, if you’re going out to farm, your pack might contain your favorite tools, maybe an encumbrance potion, some heals, etc.

If you’re going out to fight your weapon set-ups.

These could be little kits like the “supply packs” …you store them in a chest and when you need it, you swap it out.

I don’t know…Just brainstorming.


This would be cool.

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u have this kind of backpack and holds up to 200 slots… its called inventory XD

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Right!? I think it would. Maybe they could make it something you discover in a vault or something. A vault of rats. LOL. Call it the packrat feat. LOL.

Not the same. Read the way I posted it. This wouldn’t be an inventory thing but a character setup thing. It has nothing to do with inventory.

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u can store different loadouts in chests… name each chest… why it should be a backpack?

and u r right! i misread ur post . sry for the 1st reply

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A room full of chests or a chest full of backpacks. Which one would be more convenient and less server load to render? Also, a backpack (in my idea) would work like you died and picked up your kit.

You select the items, and the locations you’d like the items to be. Then store them in a “backpack”. Then, when you need that pack, you could grab it and BAM you’re ready for action. You could be out farming, place your “fighting pack” on your horse, Then when someone comes at you, you can (if you’re lucky enough to survive the initial attack) get to your horse and swap packs. Now you’re ready to defend yourself.

Again, just brainstorming…

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i like the idea about instant placed in inventory. but i would not like the idea of a container inside a container type… so for me a backpack should be visualised as a backpack(imagine it as a small chest) and not a 1 slot item that contains more inside…i have nothing against ur idea… and brainstorming aint bad… just find no point on that… would save me more time if they added faster load screens when u tp or tp points on siptah than having a backpack…

I think this is a great idea, a big quality of life upgrade.
Would save many many clicks on my controller :slight_smile:

As @Ragnaguard said, a container inside a container would bring many problems on its own, it would rather have to be like a wardrobe where you can choose between different setups.


I don’t have any particular problem with the idea. I already kinda do something similar. I keep a cabinet near my front door where I put gear and equipment for when I head out.

The only thing is where do you cross the line between quality of life and just being lazy? Because when you do cross that line, you actually end up taking something away from the game instead of adding to it :thinking:


I mean, it could even just be a home based loudout organizer that looked like an armoire or something where you can store different loadouts and when you click on it, it takes your loadout and puts it in the first empty loadout and grabs the next. Or it would be cool even if it was just enough slots for one loadout and clicking just swapped it for whats inside. I do like the backpack idea though. Like maybe to swap there is a fairly slow animation of you taking off your backpack, setting it down, then bahm changed and then picking it up and putting it on again.


Loadout packs would be an excellent QOL addition. Seconded please funcom can we have this please :pray::pray:


A stack of items in a chest is basically the same thing. If I can store a stack of 100 items in one slot, surely a backpack with a few items wont break the world.


Correct. A better way to solve the issue with inventory management is to take a page out of other mmo’s playbooks. Have separate inventory’s for crafting materials and currencies so that main inventory is left for regular loot and gear.

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Meh. I just use the sort option to arrange stuff by heaviest first. Stacks of crafting mats tend to wind up on top, followed by weapons and armor. Everything after that is typically just miscellaneous junk like candles or bowls or whatever.

Honestly separate inventory pages for crafting mats and such would actually be more trouble than benefit for me. And besides, don’t we already have the option to display things by type? Just click those little buttons at the top of the window that show a sword, shield, log, fish and house.

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Not the point of the post. I have to keep separate chests for different gear and armor I use for different functions so that I can quick load them. Otherwise I spend time tediously picking thru items to gear up for the task at hand. The OP has a good idea.


In reading some of the replies I’m not thinking some people are understanding the idea. The two mechanics already exist in the game. I just want to combine them.

The two mechanics are the Supply Packs, Blood Sacks etc and the loot drops.

It has NOTHING to do with inventory or inventory slots and having a separate chest for what I’m talking about won’t solve this issue.

The idea is to be able to quickly gear up (not respec) for combat or other situation while out in the wild. Going back to base and switching gear is what this idea EXACTLY eliminates.

I’ll walk everyone through the idea.

You set up your player quick wheel and armor…Then export the kit as a “backpack”. That pack can be taken with you and kept on your horse or thrall or anywhere a packs are currently kept.

Set up multiple packs based on your needs or uses.

Now, I’m out farming with my horse. I’m across the map from my base. Meanwhile, another player runs up on me and blind sides me. I survive the initial attack and manage to make it back to my horse…I grab my pack and (like retrieving my death loot) everything is placed and ready to go. The rider returns to me, only now I’m ready to fight, I dodge his attack, use my hammer to knock him off his horse and finish him off with my broad sword.

Creating multiple chests and putting gear in will NOT bring this aspect to the game. Right now the ONLY chance one has is to run away and hope to get to a safe place to heal and run back to base. There is no chance for the fun this fight like this as 1, You die from the initial attack or shortly after as you have limited defenses, get looted or 2, You run away, get back to base, regear and hope you can get back to the player and fight them…but they’re gone.

Back packs will be a HUGE quality of life improvement that improves the gameplay without much new coding. As I mentioned…the mechanics are already in the game. They just need to be duplicated and put in the right place to make this happen.


I’d have to vote no on that idea. Run to your horse and click a button to instantly switch out of your mining clothes and into some armor and weapons made for PvP? No, sorry, but he caught you out in the open with your pants down fair and square.

Managing your loadout is part of the game. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a line between quality of life and being lazy. This would cross that line.

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Guess we know who’s the type of person attacking people minding their own business. LOL.

If you think that’s a fair fight or even fun, that’s part of the problem. Attacking people that can’t fight back is no fun. I bet you have no problem offline raiding either?