Allow Purge enemies to destroy buildings

Would be a very cool additional option for servers that do not allow players to destroy buildings. Would act like a “clean up” instead of decay. :smile:


This would be cool, it would also make sense. As annoying as it would be I feel that weather should be doing some damages to building as well, if a building is abandoned decay takes to long, the sand storms would help speed that up a little. This would mean that you would of course have to repair your active base after a sandstorm as well so the idea probably won’t jive with most people, it adds too much of a SURVIVAL element

Actually that is meant to be happening. This is why it has been told that sandstone wont be enough when building in snowy area/volcano.

Purge is brutally bugged.
On official servers it wont work at all. Eighter purge being aborted or only last wave appearing. Or else problems.

Totally broken in SP as well. I’ve heard it works on some private servers, but I’ve seen a lot of reports about it not working on them too.

So yeah, purge is ‘supposed’ to be able to destroy buildings, it’s just that the purge has been broken for a month now.

But once the purge is fixed, I believe they need to make so that it attacks ‘all’ of your bases. If you don’t have power to defend them all, you shouldn’t have so many.

That would only help in a very limited area. Not even all of the desert is hit by the sandstorm.
They’d need to add more severe weather to the rest of the world and I’m not sure what type of weather would make sense in each area. Rain and snow shouldn’t damage structures. Maybe ash and embers at the volcano. Not sure about the rest.