Almost all the 1500-1600 servers are expericning high ping

Looks like [] is the culprit.

Is there a way to reroute around this bad hub?

This has been going on for MONTHS with some of the servers and has been reported continually so it appears that they do not care, are too busy trying to create their next moneymaker, or are incapable of fixing their ongoing server issues.

Same thing every night on a lot of these servers- server ping jumps to 1020 and server fps drops to 2 or 3, game is unplayable for long periods of time while this is happening, login screens sits and spins and people cannot join server, death respawn counter sits at 0 allowing players to only stare at screen, server finally disconnects anywhere from 15 min to an hour after this starts. Rinse and repeat nightly.

Yip been happening on our server for a month or so, even when it gets 20/40 server plays up, funcom need to piss Gportal off or rent some better gear, server problems have been the norm since release.

1- Gportal is the host so they have to check with this crap host first.
2- its american flu season, everything in the world is on lockdown. so no one can be reached
3- a lot of specific servers are targetted by the DDoS
4- if you’re on PVP server no one cares its how stupid people play the game.

That right there is a route snafu closer to your end. I say this because the route you have exposed has been deprecated – officially diminished or outright removed – and is not present on the routing tables when I trace my route to your server.

This usually means the servers that provide your PC the current and “best” route are out of date. Please consider changing your DNS Server settings so that you are at least temporarily using a host that is very regularly updated. I almost always recommend using Google’s free DNS servers, and, even if only temporarily.

@Draacco I strongly suggest you pixelate items 2-4 on your image. This is highly sensitive information that could put you at risk from external attack.

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