Aloeextract stacks from 10 to 1

Private Server
Standalone Client
After changeing the server from Live to Testlive.

Aloe extract stacks lost 9 of 10 items. All stacks of 10 aloe extracts shrink to 1 after opening the test live client for the first time.

Hey @CaputAngulus

Thanks for the feedback. Just before we relay it to the team, could you let us know if you have any mods installed?

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Interesting - I haven’t encountered this on singleplayer testlive - so far the basic Aloe Extract is still stacking to ten for me - I’ll take a look at it when I go back into testlive later today.

Ok - I can confirm that (in a game specifically started in testlive) aloe potions of all types appear to be stacking as normal and not vanishing.

I hadn’t previously registered that the initial report is for changing a server from live to testlive (so presumably keeping an existing save?) - assuming I now understand it correctly, it sounds like it’s only happening to ‘historic’ aloe potions rather than those created in testlive. So not happening to me probably doesn’t tell anyone much - but maybe at least narrows it down to somewhere in the migration process?

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yes, exactly. It happens in the migration process. I just switched my server from live to test live, tried to simulate what happens, when the patch goes live with the old db files. It does not happen with portions created in the test live server.


no, no mods at all

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Well I hope it doesn’t do the same thing when the update goes live , last update made a hole in my former full heart of a hero box , that is now empty . let’s hope all our stacks of formerly created aloe potions doesn’t drop to 1 with the update. :crossed_fingers:


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