Alot of workbenches disapeared

Funcom really… logged out for update logged back in and poof alot of materials, T4 thralls and so much stuff gone

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to be fair tell wher you have build and how you build pillars get change as exempel and new no build areas are implement

Whole building workshop is on the first foundation so not like 100 stories high

but still wher you have build and pillars have change how ther stability works
More info woud be helpfull

Conan Exiles 2022 07 29 - YouTube here you can have a look around 6minutes in i’m in the work / storage area all ground lvl

Did you own the dlc that you had your foundations fixed?

of course m8 we have everything in the game :slight_smile:

I am really sorry for the foolish question, it’s just because now we cannot have things from dlcs we don’t own! So I figured this might be, sorry again! I am really sorry too for your loss. I know it is a game but it still hurts a lot to loose things this way. You probably lost crafters too and this hurts the most, omg, I feel you m8! I wish I could do something about it :pensive:

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I know the admins moderators are busy but i hope they will read it and try to fix it at some point

The same happened on our private server.
It’s run by g-portal.
Random workbenches just decayed when the owners logged in after the update. Chests as well, alas, that has happened before the update too. -_-

For some it was a whole bunch of workbenches scattered in all their bases. For others just a single one. Others again “just” lost some chests. Some victims of this bug didn’t even build in range of sight of a no build zone or a map marker.

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I did not have that issue with the Official Server for my clan. Some stations are on foundations, and others are ceiling pieces supported by walls/pillars.

No idea on the private servers at this time since all my servers are offline waiting for a mod to update. Also, my friend’s private servers where I play occasionally is offline as well for mods updates.

That is all I can report on work stations at the moment.

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