Altar Placement

I keep seeing that you need to place your altars on foundations, 5X5 usually. That I get, but I am wondering, does it mean actual foundation pieces, or could you place it like on top of a bunch of ceiling pieces? Thanks.


Yes you can place it on ceilings. :relaxed:


I have a few altars actually on the ground. The trick is to place them near a build and check their decay status.


Looks like quite a nice base you have there JJDancer.


@Alhambra, Plus if you don’t need to walk around them even 4x4 is enough. I believe years ago this way I got the achievement God in a bowl, something like that, since I placed an Altair of Yog inside my base.
The most handy item however to place on ceiling is the water well. If you have a ground floor and a first floor, you place the water well on the first floor and you can interact from both floors, later on I, ll edit a picture.

This is my kitchen on 3728
My water well is on the roof :joy:, still I can interact and drink

This is my wardrobe room

The water well is hidden behind the lotus pots, still I can interact and drink


The Jebbal Sag temple is the most finicky, I can never get it to place on a circular setup of ceiling pieces (or well, psuedo-circular, but whatever). The others may sometimes take a little jiiggling but will at least still place.

I like to put em on raised towers… so having just that one be a btch about it is annoying lol.

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