Is there a trick to place pens, wheels, and alters on foundation pieces?

Is it intentional for them to be on bare ground?

It all depends on the size of the placed object. All of them can be placed on foundations.

If the building is large enough, you can place them indoors.

This is an old screen, they do fill with water. You used to be able to place fish traps in them, but that was a bug and has been fixed.

Here is an alter inside.

One of the alters in my main base on foundations.

It is just a mater of counting the foundations to get the size of the object. The large well needs a pad that is 5X5 foundations. Some of them will need more space since they extend below and out from the surface. Wheels typically need 1 more foundation per side that actual shows in the screen. It is possible to place them on ceilings with proper support underneath.


I have tried a 8x8 with a alter and it said it isn’t have enough contact with the ground… 10x10 and the same with a pen… much more then either needed but it keeps telling me not enough contact with the ground… destroyed the pieces and it placed on the ground just fine… in the same spot as the foundations.

On foundations it’s often to do with exactly where you are trying to place. If you had moved it a little to left or right or rotated it a bit or lifted or sunk then it probably would let you.
It can be just as difficult on the bare ground if not flat.

Now that you have it placed you need to check with a repair hammer what the decay time is on it…as it’s on the ground it might be very short unless it is very close to other buildings and the game has associated the object with them.

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Thru all the punches, kicks, and retry from the placement bug. I managed not to lose a TV and place the pen. Thanks for the help

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