Altars expanding

When u upgrade an altar i know it gets bigger. Im trying to figure placement in my base. Does it expand on the sides or front to back or both?

Hmm, somewhere I think I read about people posting necessary foundation area needed for altars, that included them growing when upgraded. I kinda suspect they DO grow at the sides as well as front-to-back, though I can’t say this with authority… I haven’t paid much attention.

I think I remember something like an 8 x 8 square foundation being what people said? At least left to right and front to back, I don’t recall the wall heights they talked about.

I think I found this on reddit somewhere maybe? Sorry I can’t help more than this :confused:

Some of them expand, some don’t. I don’t remember all of the details off the top of my head, but I can check when I get back home.

I do remember that Yog doesn’t expand and that Jhebbal Sag expands a lot.

Also, I don’t know if they’ve fixed this, but the last time I had to place and upgrade altars, some of them would move a full block forward. It was Set and another one, but I can’t remember which.

My advice is to go into singleplayer mode, enable admin cheats, put down the foundations and the T1 altar, give yourself the resources to upgrade it to T3 and then observe the effects.


Its a 4x5x 4high. Only reason im askin is cause i had one placed and it was an awkward like 1/2 foundation from the wall and it messed up the stability of aurrounding pieves for my layout

It would be nice to see an altar rework where the bases of altars at all levels are the same dimensions.

It’s 45 foundation for all altars except Jhebal Sagg its 46 (might work with 3*6 if it accept to be placed upon foundations). I never build the Yog altar, but all the others expands front and back when upgrading to T2 and T3. The Jhebal Sagg altar expand a lot when upgrading to T3.
I didn’t noticed any expand on the altar side, they fit in 4 foundations wide with enough room on both side to place pillars or placeable.

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