Does Zath altar grow from T2 to T3?

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I didn’t realize I couldn’t move the altar after T2 (annoying) and now I am wondering if the Zath altar will grow at T3 from T2? I’m out of space. Thanks.

If you’ve already placed it, it should be ok to move forward.

Yog is the smallest and fits into very small areas and with upgrading has no problems other than clipping.

That clipping could affect 2 things: through walls which means if you’re on PVP can be accessible to enemies and can have issues with accessibility with other interactive items for you, like chests or benches.

So it will move toward the front of it does grow? That’s where I have space.

I am not sure off the top of my head, each altar is different in what space it takes.

A test in singleplayer might show more about what happens.

The Zath temple grows at the back, sadly. It got a round structure hanging over the edge at one of my builds.
Edit: I just checked it is actually not that much. Now I’m confused, did they change the design? It looks smaller somehow.

Hmm I’ve got a fraction of a square room at the back on T2, wonder if I should take my chances and grow it to T3 and just dismantle if it doesn’t work.

Zath is actually slightly smaller at T4 than T3.

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