Always stuck in horse

Please tell your programmers to increase the distance that horses keep to players. I’m stuck in my mount half the time i’m playing. Be it staircase or a small hill, i’m stuck.


Same problem.

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I have a similar issue everytime I get off the horse it wedges me between the horse and the nearest wall.

I can always avoid this by not dismounting next to a building or a structure but I don’t think about it until I start hopping off.

Why the programmers coded what side you hop off the horse in reference to the nearest object is beyond me…

The dismount side is controlled by your reticle at the time you dismount. If your reticle is pointing towards the left side of your horse, you will dismount on the left.

I still forget to take care of that half the time, though… :stuck_out_tongue:


I learned something new today

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Thanks that is good to know

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