Ambrosia does give 20% XP buff and lower Corruption ? ??


Ambrosia does give 20% XP buff and lower Corruption ? ? ? ?

New Player here looking for some help here on what exactly Ambrosia does when consumed.

I am being told eating this God Food gives you a 20% XP buff and limits the amount of Corruption one takes.

Is this TRUE or ever somewhat true?


Am I being trolled?

I cannot find this on the Wiki
I do see that this food is “Grade = Hallowed” but also not seeing what Hallowed does.
A Google search is confusing… most asking what does Hallowed do in game, some hoping Hallowed will do something and others stating Hallowed does lower Corruption.

Please help those that know : )

No mods installed.
Some playing with Steam others with Gamepass on PC

You are being trolled, or the person telling you is using mods.

The wiki says exactly what it does:

  • Ambrosia is an early game healing item that heals slightly better than other low-quality early-game foods.
  • Recovers 3 points of healing every 3 seconds.
  • Gives the buff “Mitra’s Blessing” for 10 minutes granting +10% Strength Weapon Damage and +40 Health.


I told the people what you said above and they posted a 4 year old Reddit post "What Does “Hallowed” Mean?

Only one person responded that stating “Hallowed items protects you from Corruption, nothing else.”

Reddit is not a great source of accurate information.

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The best source of info for Conan is definitely the official wiki. On a side note, @Tephra works on the wiki and is probably the second best source of info for Conan. :wink:

Welcome to the forum, and happy hunting! :+1:

I have never heard of an XP buff in this game. Though if you’re interested in loosing corruption; Dancers and Cleansing brew are the only ways I know of to remove it… Was there some unique/legendary boots/pants that slowly cured corruption? I seem to remember that.
Lots of good buffs can be gained from eating food or drinking potions though.

Eating a Heart of a Hero also removes corruption, and there’s a sigil on Siptah that slowly cures it.

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