Nerfed to Death...Again! Ambrosia

Well it would seem that we have done it again. Having downloaded the new update I thought I would see for myself just how heavy handed the nerf to Ambrosia was. And boy was it nerfed into the dirt!! To the point where the incentive to use just isnt there anymore.

When I heard that its regeneration values were being lowered to that of a regular food item, I did not for a moment expect that to mean in line with the worst, absolute weakest food items available in the game! This is absolute overkill; down to 3 hp per second with its Sated buff!? Ok lets look at what else has Sated values this low in the game:

  • Gruel: 3 hp/sec
  • Human Flesh: 3 hp/sec
  • Desert Berries: 3 hp/sec
  • Handful of Insects: 3 hp/sec

In other words the absolute bottom of the barrel. I expected it to be lower but not that low! At this point its tag should probably be changed from ‘hallowed’ to ‘hollowed’, because that is exactly what it has become. Who in their right mind is going to go out of their way to farm Ambrosia now, when it has a maximum stack size of 20 and weighs a hefty 17.6 when they can haul a stack of Desert Berries, which weights 2.0 has zero crafting time, and stacks at 100, and both have the same healing rate!? And no the buffs of a mere +1 do not make it worthwhile.

So it seems that we have once again balanced with a sledgehammer as opposed to a scalpel. Ambrosia is not even worth the effort anymore. This nerf was the equivalent to the Roman ‘nerf’ of Carthage back in 186 BC. Funcom please rebalance Ambrosia back upwards.

:warning: This thread is NOT a criticism of the healing system as a whole. Only the excessive nerf on a single item; ie-Ambrosia. :warning:


I like the new heals in a way it is more dark souls like and requires a skill gap in healing, i wish they would also bring back the old stamina system for players who arent paying attention and just spamming

Actually another honourable mention here goes out to Purified Flesh, which like Ambrosia stacks at 20 and has a weight 17.60, and has a Sated regeneration of 3 hp per second.


What amazes me is watching all of these twitch streamers and they all use cheap bandages to heal vs healing aloe potions. Did I miss something on the aloe potions?

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Yes but this is Conan Exiles, NOT Dark Souls. Healing is not more difficult now, it is just more grind. Furthermore, the issue I am raising here is not the difficulty of healing. It is the excessive nature of the nerf on an item which is supposed to be made by a God, yet is as weak as a bowl of gruel.


I use bandages to heal outside of battle, aloe potions during battle.


its an item made by god m8 not supposed to heal ya makes more sense if it buffs and if you look at all the past conan exiles this game’s pvp model was legit based around dark souls. so it should follow it to a T in order to get it right. aloe pots are fine to farm, just farm aloe man, some alch base and use bandaids which can be inventory crafted to heal outside of combat it amazes me that you may not know or use that i love the new heal system

As do I, but the twitch streamers I watched do not use aloe potions at all. I was watching a stream where 3 people were doing the werewolf dungeon on Siptah, and they kept running back to the stairs to bandage up.
Another stream I was watching someone do the new lands in Siptah and they kept running out of the area to bandage up.
I am wondering if this is a new gen of CE players that just do not understand how Aloe potions work.

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Some of us raised on the healing values of the items crafted in the temples do not see the reason for nerfing them. They have always

Healed us. And it does not “buff” you either, so Croms_Faithful has a legitmate concern.

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that would make the aloe pots and other healing items useless m8 the healing is fine just how it is no more spamming the sprint and max grit to get a heal when sprint attacks etc are a thing and the healing is so fast right now it can be arguable to how O.P the pots are right now u do understand that the pots make the horses balanced and it also makes the pvp more team work based and balanced

Yes it is supposed to heal that is what it has done for the past 3 years now, and still does. Only its effects have been nerfed into oblivion. I would also add that its lore surrounding clearly states that it heals. Read its description:

“…This bizarre substance, considered a food of the gods, has healing properties that the Priests of Mitra use…”

Even when selecting Mitra’s religion on the character creation screen the description clearly states:

“Specializarion: Healing, Light”

Fascinating. I have been playing since the game launched on ps4 and for all of this time I did not realise this. Can you you link me a statement by Funcom stating that Conan Exiles was based on Dark Souls? :thinking: And no the game should not “follow it to a T in order to get it right”. Again, this is not Dark Souls. If you want a Dark Souls experience, may I suggest that you play Dark Souls.

Again, this is not about the healing system as a whole. It is about a nerf to a single item which I perceive to be excessive. So please refrain from trying to put words in my mouth.


I think @Croms_Faithful is on point here.

Funcom wanted to onverhaul healing, which was fair a handful of berries gave me more heals than it probablyshould should have.
But this is where things get sticky.
Food needed to lose its healing value, but god treats are food.
Partly because of min/max meta mentality, if god treats had better heals thats all people would use.
So to emphasise bandage potion healing, all food has lost considerable value after this change
I dont even bother with a stove, or even a large campfire any more. A small campfire for gruel, and a drying rack for dried meats is all i need now,.


I understand I have been thru 5 years of healing variables, from food to Ambrosia etc. I am fine with the aloe pots myself, and the bandages as a secondary heal, but the point is, why bother making temples now? The god bubbles are wacked and the summon gods take forever unless you cheat or are in a 10 man clan.
That has nothing to do with nerfing a single item that has been used and relied on for 5 years, and no this game is NOT based on Dark Souls. Bandages were not even in the game for 3 years.
Why should they get special treatment over Ambrosia, an item that has been around since January 2017.

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siptah gods are easy to farm, i get your point about a few things and the game after the rehauled the mechanics m8 they revamped it in a darksoulsish manner so if devs did that it should follow suit on the changes. maybe add a little buff to the heals from food but isnt the 5th tick of vitality supposed to do that i mean i use 50 50 build and it works fine heals will give you like a quarter of ur health back if you time the stacks right

you realise even if it isnt, they added the heal system for a reason right

if it isnt darksouls combat system they are after then why not remove light roll from heavy armour and go back to the light armour is best roll again instead of catering to people and the combat of darksouls

no i believe this adds good dynamic to the already changed play style m8

i honestly love the changes and the new buffs to add to more of the already insane builds people have i want them to buff the bufs from gods and buff fish though to make them more valuable +1 to vit and strength and grit arent good enough maybe a plus 3

The point is, this is not regular food, it is Ambrosia, the food of the Gods. When they nerfed food heals, I had chests full of Aloe soup, that I had to dump. Ambrosia did not deserve to be nerfed into oblivion.
I get that it aligns with FCs new healing system of only bandages and aloe potions, but again, like fish traps and food recipes, it digresses and takes away from the game itself.
From a strictly PVP view, who cares? But there are those of us that play all venues, not only PVP and it gets old.


nothing really to get nerfed perse although war dancer, god eye, and vermin hide legendary armour needs buffed since light silent legion has same attributes and can be crafted, the devs was intending on nerfing ambrosia and all foods they just missed ambrosia so it wasnt even intended m8