Amor skins and thrall follow distance


I know this was already asked by many players but even so i want to add my request to the mix.

It is known that some amor looks better than others especialy on the male player model , so It would be cool if we could have the option to change the appearence of every armor piece to any other armor we have already unlocked or crafted in game or even to make it look like you have no armor ( ex. conan has no chestpiece and helmet )
I know that in pvp servers there is an argument that this can be used to “trick” other players , but in solo or pve it makes no difference, you just want to walk around looking cool without compromising protection and stats

Also it would be nice to have some option to ajust thrall and pet follow distance , they really get in your way sometimes ( alot of times )


Since you mention solo play - Fashionist mod does allow exactly this. (It would still be a cool thing if it could be added to the core game, but if mods are an option then Fashionist might be a solution for now) :slight_smile:

Pet/Thrall follow distances - I’ll just say YES :wink:

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Mpcosta also mentions PS4, so no mods, unfortunately.


Where? (Genuinely - I’m confused and clearly missing some info) Or are you referring to another post they have made (the best solution my half awake brain can come up with)? Either way, hopefully it gets added as an option at some point for all those that don’t have the mod option (like all the new dyes getting added on testlive currently) :slight_smile:

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Fine print at top of post done it myself several times not awake yet either. How did I make it to work? @DanQuixote

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Thank you @sestus2009 - still took me a bit to find it lol. (Fine white text on a pale background, not best when half awake :wink: I really should be more than half awake by now…)

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I think what the fashionista mod does should be a staple function atleast on pve. Make it a spell/buff that breaks from player damage.

I created an account to actually post this suggestion. Imagine my disappointment reading the first sentence.

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