An Area to lay a 24 x 24 Foundation, To build Upwards?

I have been hearing a lot of negative discussion from Funcom and players discussing not appreciating players who build skyscrapers for castles. Yet Funcom gives us the tools to do exactly that and then complain that those buildings cause FPS to drop, sometimes significantly… especial on private and official servers.

While I do play on a private server that does that when certain players fill their places to the brim with various items, nicknacks, and people. I personally do not go to that extreme.

That said, however, I primarily play the Single Player Instance. And now with the new DLC, I am looking to add a functioning tavern to the mix. Therefore, I am searching for an area where I can place a 24 x 24 squared block foundation, building upwards. A structure that will rise nine stories high.

To that end, I am not concerned where it is that I build, save for the jungle to the east. (I am not looking to build a treehouse.) If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate hearing about it. Thank you.

the desert arround the sinkhole, the desert arround the mitra’s trainer, the highlands below the aqueduct, or chaos mouth, the desert near the black galleon, the desert near the shattered springs, the frozen lake near the black keep, the lake in the mounds, the frozen slopes… there are plenty of zones where you can fill the ground with foundations… kinda boring though

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^ what they said, there massive amount of flat land west of Darfi base, and near sinkhole.

Also near Oasis, North of nameless city, with large spot of flat land.

Several along lakes to North, you may need a small basement part way up shore.

Or simple make a Dock, and have foundations as pillars in water.

As for Issue… most of this I think is consoles and low end PC’s. I’ve built large things about map, with not to much issue. I’ve seen people with 75x75 pyrimads, and 200+ pets… that just break that game…

Some do it on purpose… BUT… if “limits” get put in place. some people just cry about it.

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sink hole, land scape next to set priest in f4, desert in jungle near hellcats, frozen lands near frost giant camp, frozen lake in the mountain, frozen lake near the undead dungeon in the mountains, leveing any specific place to accomodate a 24x24 structure hoping the stability doesnt ruin it. salt lake oasis around set city. the inside of the skull from the people in charge of not fixing the game xD easy pun buut too hard to resist

Pretty much anywhere you want to build it.

Yup. Has convenient Obelisk access too, though it is perhaps slightly lacking in some resources if one is very active. Still, it’s one of the best spots in the game for building IMO.

A couple of my favorite spots:

North of Sepermeru, just west of the Warmaker’s Sanctuary. Lots of stone, iron and wood nearby, with the brimstone lake also close by, and plentiful volunteers to join your crew living just south.

Southeast of New Asagarth. Same benefits as above, except for brimstone (but the locals drop lots of steel). The water here is two to three foundations deep, so please take that into account if building here.

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The leader of our clan on the server that I sometimes play on utilizes every nook and cranny in his structures. Even a high-end desktop would have some lag walking through his place. He is strictly roleplay and builder. My places have minimal stuff in them. That said, I am intent upon building a tavern that will occupy about 12 x 15 blocks. (You have to have a stage, a bar, a cooking area, and tables. And, depending upon where you build you may need a fireplace or two.)

The one place that I know that I can build said structure(s) is south of the volcano in Icespire Chasm. However, to do so requires more than 1,000 blocks because of the uneven terrain. At one point when I built up there by the time I was done the south end of the structure (foundation) was five foundations high, just to level it off. By the time that I was done with the structure the south end reached eleven stories high. (I was told by the server owner that the resulting constant crashing of the server was my Longhouse.)

For me, Conan Exiles isn’t worth playing anymore. I mean, once you have explored everywhere and built your endgame structure what’s left to do? I mean, you can only sit in the tavern so long watching the dancers perform the snake dance, and even that gets boring.

Finany, I sincerely appreciate all of your responses. Thank you.

Interesting!. On the server that I sometimes play the owner of the server wants to do a complete wipe, but the Clan leader is adamantly apposed to it. because when they initiated the server the clan leader’s own single-player instance was moved over to the server and he doesn’t want to lose anything. But, that’s his choice.

That’s why I primarily play in the single-player / co-op. If I don’t like something I can always restart the game. Trying to find a place to build my tavern has been a struggle and I have restarted the game at least five times already. Mainly because I don’t want to spend the time destroying what I had already built. Easier to just start over again.

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