An assortment of suggestions for qol changes/additions

not sure how to categorize it all, its all just a buncha useful qol updates ive thought of throughout my current playthrough

  1. hotkey that lets us use a torch from inventory. same as holding a torch in the off hand except it wont take a slot in your hotbar. i dont mean you should let us use torches with two handed weapons or anything like that
    also, if there are multiple torches of different sorts in the inventory, it will prioritize the best one. so the final breath of the red mother would be used instead of a plain old torch. if you have a glowing stick and are underwater it will similarly use that

  2. followers should prioritize whatever is the highest healing food in their inventory. say for example you give them 4 stacks of gruel but then you take out one stack and put in a stack of enhanced gruel. as it is right now they use whatever food item theyve been using regardless of how much it heals them for. they should instead opt to use the enhanced gruel over the plain gruel until it runs out

  3. it would be cool to dye shields and certain weapons. maybe just shields. im not expecting to dye blades but maybe just the hilts, hafts, parts like that

  4. PLEASE for the love of god let the escape menu pause the game if youre playing single player. theres literally zero reason why it shouldnt function that way

  5. a radial menu to switch arrow types on the fly could be handy, similar to how the hotbar on the console versions is a weapon wheel. this may go against how you might want inventory management to work but it would serve to make archery far more viable. it would also be just plain cool, really make you feel like an archer with all these cool and sometimes unconventional arrows. maybe you’d even need to craft a quiver for it to balance things out. idk just putting it out there

  6. we NEED armor stands. cmon this should be so obvious it should be a no brainer
    all these sets of armor with awesome designs sitting in my vault deserve to be put on display

  7. please please give horses better pathfinding. as it is rn they tend to run into walls and cant run in the opposite direction, effectively making themselves stuck. let them avoid enemies better

  8. the grind. PLEASE please PLEASE do something about this. i had to kill the red mother 80+ times FOR A TORCH. a torch. if you cut that amount in half it’d still be grindy but it at least wouldnt be brain numbingly unbearable

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for the 8 I do not agree. the torch is rare but easy to find compared to the crom sword. it’s cool to have rare things. but crom’s sword is very hard to find. just need fix the sword only. i have at lot of torch. when you le level up at your fighter go in unnamed city it’s the best place for it

the sword of crom does not drop from the boss who drops the torch. also, a weapon that powerful should be more rare than a simple torch

the torch is not easy to find. ive killed the red mother 80+ times and gotten almost all of her drops before getting one to drop. i got like 3 swords of crom after killing the skeleton bosses maybe 40 or so times. also consider the red mother is way tougher than the skeletons so the sword of crom should be harder to acquire

to be clear im not saying some items shouldnt be rare - that way its much more rewarding when you finally acquire them. however things shouldnt take a brain numbing amount of farming
especially a torch

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I know. the sword is inside the boss human skeleton. in my case i found much more torch compared to sword

I’m kinda on the fence here. I’m wrangling with the idea of a QOL change also having a mechanical impact. We have slots for a reason and we have to use those slots strategically. One of the things I do wish to avoid is making nights trivial. Many games I have played have gone down the slippery slope of making nights bearable and chipping away at it until its just reshaded daytime.

It should be both. I want to feed my thralls specific foods when leveling while also being able to have them heal to full quickly.

I agree with shields. Not so certain about weapons. I’m not even sure I would notice a dyed weapon if I am to be honest. There’s a ton of work that would go into making weapons dyeable, like tedious work since there is a crap ton of designs. And the benefit would be rather small or negligible. Shields on the other hand aren’t as numerous and would have a larger impact, even more so than some armors.

If there isn’t already a pause button, I do not know how possible this is.

Already works like this. If you place arrows on your hotbar, you can use their slot to change arrow type on the currently equipped bow.

Mods do this, and it is taxing on server/client resources. For most this isn’t an issue, which is why most private servers run these mods. But for early-gen console (PS4/XBOX1) and lesser PCs, its a no-go. This could change in the future once support is dropped for older hardware. But that’s a ways off, if ever.

In general, follower pathfinding could be better. They do improve this bit by bit.

I would go a step forward and remove RNG entirely from acquiring items and feats in general. Challenge and difficulty should determine rarity, rather than a dice roll. I’m even alright with some items simply being unobtainable (outside trading or gifting by other players) by folks who lack the ability to get them.


i thought about that but really a torch is harmless. not to mention it does nothing to make nights trivial because enemies can still easily murder you and all a torch does is let you see them so you can retaliate. i cant count the amount of close calls ive had because i ran past a dragon and kept running into a wall without knowing it. kinda my folly for lacking patience and galloping around the unnamed city at night but still. its still just a torch. its just convenience and would do nothing to aid you offensively

that would be better but practically impossible to code. how are they supposed to differentiate which stat youre trying to level up? i mostly thought about fully leveled followers since they dont need to struggle with that

yeah you raise a good point. too much effort for something that would barely even be visible. shields on the other hand… shouldnt be difficult

very possible. its a very basic thing

no no im aware of that. im talking a full on radial menu like a weapon wheel except for ammo. i can feasibly fit like what, 2 arrow types in my hotbar?

theres zero reason for this to be taxing on any system short of maybe console and even that is a strong maybe. its just an armor stand. your thralls dont lag your game because they wear armor, an armor stand definitely wouldnt. its only taxing on server/client resources because its a mod. plus if it somehow does lag the game too much you could always just opt to not use it. better to have it in the game either way

i have noticed the pathfinding of thralls and pets alike is very good by now. but horses seriously need a few tweaks. strangely i have not encountered this issue with rhinos

personally im fine with grinding if its the right amount. killing a boss 80+ times for a torch, a simple utility item is not the right amount. its brain numbing

no item should be unobtainable. thats just not okay
and what do you mean? with the library of esoteric artifacts you kinda have to have rng because theres no way for it to know which feats to give u as it doesnt involve any challenge. the library itself doesnt anyway. getting the fragments can be a different story
so what did you have in mnid for the library?

yes the sword of crom drops from the four undead skeleton bosses found around the unnamed city so by default it should be more rare. then add in the fact its a weapon and a very powerful one at that and that means it should be even more rare

but the torch only drops from one boss, the red mother who is not only one single boss but is also probably the tankiest boss in the game short of king rhino, thag or rockslide. which is fine. its a-okay. im not saying she shouldnt be tanky or difficult

but some adjustments to the torch’s drop rate should be made to factor in her tankiness
cuz heres the thing. i got nearly every drop of hers multiple times except one and the one thing that was noticeably rare was a torch. A TORCH. its ridiculous

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not to mention that this torch shares other items, such as the reach of the red mother or even better, the fangs of the red mother… which I had to get 2 time in… wait… I’ll try to count… . awesome, I fell asleep :sweat_smile:

otherwise I’m still waiting to come across one day of the blade of seven wind, that I was able to obtain only by visiting cities of other players…
But, i don’t despair , hope springs eternal ? :pray: :sweat_smile:

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can you tell me how long you stayed inside the nameless town?.i think you didn’t stick around long enough to see the truth. don’t take it badly. it’s just a question :). if you come in the servers #1005 i give you 2 torch. hehehe

maybe, I was probably too influenced by mulder and scully, they kept telling me that the truth is out there :thinking: :sweat_smile:

OK not just any torch though…the end all of torches that burns for a solid week. This is the one thing I think is fine with the RNG because it’s the most useful tool there is.

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