An elegant solution to holiday decay without affecting global decay, and keeps CE ahead of F76

Hi Funcom :slight_smile:

There are a few caves around Conan Exiles. Imagine each one of them is an entrance to a personalized 20x20 cavern instance for players to build a base in, and is only accessible when a player is online. The cave entrance would be a no-build zone and is shared, but instanced. I.e. the cave entrance acts as an elevator, with each floor (instance) named after an owner.

Large enough to be VaulTec, but small enough to give players an incentive to build something outside (you will have to anyway, if you want to capture thralls or gather resources)

When logging out, that cavern base instance closes and is “cached”, meaning it’s decay is suspended. There can then be a server setting which deletes this cache after a month by default.

These cavern instances are :

  • Raidable when the owner is online.
  • If a raiding force is already inside the cave instance, the cave instance remains open.
  • Only closes 1 minute after owner has logged out.
  • Staffable with thralls
  • A 4 tile no build zone at the port-in inside the cavern instance, to prevent cheesing
  • Can be visited, but not raided on PvE
  • Are devoid of any resources, including water (purely decorational)
  • Share the theme of it’s cave entrance… Waterfall, Volcano, Sandstone, etc.
  • Completely lack lighting, except for the occasional God-Ray.
  • Has to be cleared of a boss mob before being claimable.

The idea of these cavern is to act as a storage area/archives for players who will go on vacation, but also as a place to settle down, when the outside world has been foundation-spammed.

This also keeps CE ahead of it’s competition (Fallout 76)

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