Vacation mode, increase sometime the abandoned building time

I know this will not like to the hardcore player but I’m trying.

I’m planning a 15 day trip in America, so the actual decay sistem/abandoned build will nullify all of my work (I’m building a t2 base in a full Russian server and I’m playing solo game cause I really don’t speak Russian)

I’m thinking what about create a new craftable item (dk like a trone) whit a slot for a taskmaster (like this is elegible to control your base while you’re away). When u place the thrall all of the door instantly lock, all your bench stop work and your character become unconscious for a predeterminate period of time. After this period all the base function restart normally and the abandoned build sistem restart too.

Something like this should give the opportunity to someone to stay some more day away from his game (I know this is a problem only for a player without a clan)

U can set up a cool down timer that can inhibit the creation of a new trone for exemple for 30 day after the first disappeared

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The topic title is abit weird, but Vacation token idea has gained a few likes. XD

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Thx for welcome. That’s a good idea too, only when u use the token u must be out of the game till the time expire. This only cause someone can use the token for improve/mantein different base on different server. Surely this option must be “bind on account”

And this is where a lot of these (admittedly necessary and good) ideas fail. Conan Exiles doesn’t have an account system at all.


I’m sorry, but help me to understand your point of view: some of my mates left the server where I play because, after an year, I learned (somehow as you can see :sweat_smile:) to communicate in english but they wasn’t able to do this so they preferred to to play in solo/co-op.

Without bing able to communicate with others, as you said because you play on a russian server where (I suppose) no-one else speak english, so being unable to make new friends or even new enemies why not, what’s the point to play online instead of playing the game in local mode ?

Because obviously my suggestion would be to find someone to join your clan and mantain your stuffs preventing them from decay.

I can understand your point. I started play in open beta with 3 friends. About 4 month ago we planned to join an official server (pve cause no one can play everyday) and I was the first. In this 4 month I prepared the ground (a good base near sepemeru) waiting for them, but the other choose other way. I choose the official 1300 cause of ping matter of my connection and I don’t like the solo Coop mod for a series of reason (mainly I like play the game as intended). But now after 4 month and 50 level I really don’t like the idea of restart on another server (ping is always a problem too) but nor losing everything only cause I must bring my wife in America. So I notice that other game (thinking on O game) has this funciont (somethink like an auto ban for a period of time) and I thinked to suggest this on here.

Surerly I can understand this method is more suitable for pve server cause the pvp game is harder and need more presence but I like to see if this can be an option for a non hardcore gamer that can play 6-7 hour a week normally but sometime cannot

Ok I get it, it’s a technical issue forcing you to play this way, I’m sorry to hear this, because I assure you, best thing of this game for me it’s interactions with other players.

Anyway I think the best way to solve the problem could be here on the forum:

Why don’t create a sort of “time bank” ?

I explain my idea: we could create a place where trusted players can offer their help in refreshing decay timers (joining a clan on a server where usually they do not play) when a clan can’t play for a while, achieving a time credit for when they’ll need the same service from a trusted member of the community.

People being in time debt have to offer themselves, when they can, to do the same for Others before being able to use again this service.

Anyone think it could works ?

The ‘Vacation Mode’ idea has come up many times, and I agree with the concept. I recently took an 8 day vacation with my family and was forced to take my laptop and log into CE, in order to prevent my work from being destroyed.

There should be a way to avoid this, without ceding control to a potential stranger.

I support this here and in all similar threads.

@Funcom: please increase the decay time on officials to 3 weeks. I think this would not change too much, because when players abandon their games, they abandon no matter if 7 days or 21…

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