An idea on change battlepass challenge

So i was just thinking on this issue… So the current issue is that its a UI that give you challenges to do.
Its a bit jarring when the game is suppose to be about exploring and discovering but instead spoils what there is in the game to do and sometime its asking beyond our character level ability to do ( non admin , SP goodies )

So here my thoughts… What if instead of telling what challenges are available to do at a global scale … Change it to an area where you are exploring to pop up three challenges to do for that area. And once completed it cannot be redone til a 24hrs laspe has been done … Sorta like POI but for challenges.

Like for instance … you go to the Silver mine There a total of six quest to do in there but only three is randomly chosen for you to do … :
Harvest 10 silver node ,
Skin 10 scorpion ,
Harvest 10 coal ,
Harvest 10 iron node ,
Kills scorpion king ,
Kill scorpion Queen .

So what this will do is create an environment where you explore places and do all three while you are there … and this will be much more enjoyable … And when you leave the place what ever Quest that wasnt completed is drop and place on a cooldown for that area …

And its not limited to just one area … think of all the dungeon and cave you can explore both on siptah and Exiles land.

I believe this kind of challenges i can get behind … because its truely playing along side with you rather then against you. But still give that RNG of getting good or crappy quest but not at the expense of insanity.

plz leave feedback if my idea is good or tell me its bad and why ?

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I love the suggestion, but I imagine that would take far to much work to implement for them to want to bother.

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