An update regarding the PlayStation 4 connectivity issues

Greetings, Exiles.

As you’re all aware, we’ve been working for the past few days to get an update out of the gates that would fix the connectivity issues you’ve all been having on PlayStation 4. It has been a very frustrating experience, most understandably, for all of you. For this, we deeply apologize.

We have taken steps to ensure the core issue that caused these connectivity problems does not happen again, and we’re working with our partners to address the delay on the fix.

We understand most of you have seen your plans in the Exiled lands truncated due to this outage. To compensate for that we will be running the following modifiers, on all PS4 official servers, until and through Monday June 22nd:

  • Experience gains will be doubled on PVE and PVE-Conflict servers, x5 on PVP servers.
  • Harvesting yield will be doubled.
  • Decay timers will be disabled. (Note: This change came into effect during the outage to minimize any possible losses during the weekend).

Please note that these changes might take an additional server restart to apply. You will receive confirmation via server Message of the day when logging in.

We understand this will not cover for those hours of gameplay lost, but we hope they will give you a leg-up catching up in your current projects as well as minimizing any possible losses caused by the decay system.
For those of you with rented PS4 private servers, G-Portal has already added 3 extra days to your current plan, and will add three extra days now that the patch is out to compensate for the outage as well.

Thanks again to all of you for your patience and understanding, and we hope to see you again in the Exiled lands.