Connectivity Issues, June 11th

Tomorrow with the normal patch round of Sony, if they fixed it.

I’m downloading update now🤞

That would be nice, going to check it out now. Thnx!

*** UPDATING IT!!! ***

Someone has the patch notes?

It will be posted Soon™



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It’s copying now for me, I will verify if it works 100% if needed?!

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Some update is now availiable,hopefully it will be on , after update,fingers cross!

Same. Takes more time copying than downloading :smiley:


Yeah true, but it least it does something right :rofl:

its funny,i do allot of different things,never been so anxius about something before,its been a long wait for me…lol

No aún no está actualización o nose si es por países


After installing latest update (revision #229351 / 25149) I am able to login to the server.

Why are you still here? Go and jump back into the game!!!

For those who think this is fake, good luck and keep believing in it. I ain’t got nothing to lose.


Its fake, not work for me :confused:

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Fake :rage:

tu no hablas español Por favor
Meaning “you don’t speak Spanish please”

Обнова прилетела. Качайте

A hotfix aimed to address this issue has been released and is currently being rolled out on EU regions, with US following shortly.

We have also released a statement regarding this outage, which you can read here:

We’ll proceed to close this thread.