Anarchy Online 2 : How it should be lore wise, what story would you like to see

If we ever were to see a AO 2 I would like a huge portal after a RK bombing that would take players to the early Xan age with an unbroken SL that this time would also be pvp enabled w/o factions yet but organisation vs organisation or/and alliance vs alliance of players.
The first expansion should be a return to RK , after having suffer a huge blow from kyr’ozch or add new group here. Still the game should remain factionless and let the war rage everywhere

While the players use the early Xan period to travel in time/space realities of RK discovering more about notum/kyr/insert-something from jump to jump pretty much Stargate-y but with changes affecting the base game world ( as time travelling should :smiley: )

That’s what i d like to see in a dreamy scenario for the game i loved the most. What would you like to see in a AO 2?

I think that’s a bit too…topsy turvy.

Much more interesting would be a few hundred year time jump forward. Omni Tek’s lease on Rubi-Ka would be over and it could explore the post corporate rule period where a new planetary government is being formed.

The game could explore the tensions between various political factions vying for influence over what shape or form should the new government take. Could be a full civil war situation or a Cold War with lots of off the books violence.

The factions could follow largely the same lines as AO. People with ties to Omni Tek which would still have a lot of influence, people with ties to the clans or whatever political group has grown out of them, but with a larger neutral/ICC/New Rubika Government aligned faction.

The Shadowlands could have been sealed off by Jobe for some reason and reopened later on, or it could be an area in a process of colonization with a much heavier human presence, perhaps exploring the tensions with the indigenous inhabitants.

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Love your idea !!!