Anarchy Online Time Travel Expansion

Hi to everyone.
at first I want to make clear that I know this is for nothing and I know Funcom will never ever invest any money into AO to publish us a new Expansion (In my opinion).
So let us dream a bit … bring on wishes … ideas… be creative… whatever … but be cool !

Im here to intodruce you some ideas they r in my mind.
(all pictures r from image search copyright by the creaters - thx to them)

Welcome to:

Meanwhile Omni-Tek, Clan and the Neutrals are fighting each other to get the most valuable resources of Rubi-Ka, they forgot to keep an eye on the important things. Their Planet.
Tower Wars, Fights between the Factions, digging for more wealth will uncommon the Planet by Years.
A Underground Organisation is one of the last fellowers of the beloved planet of Rubi-Ka. They where really unknown the whole time. So they got enough freedom to conduct a business. They Build a time machine to step into the past or the future to manage the present.
The Organisation has been slayn and now here we are standing in front of the travel gate. Unknown in the technology but inquiring in what we will get…

Anarchy Online Time Travel is a complete new World setting out of 3 Zones like you have seen in Shadowlands. You will encounter at first a Dinosaur Zone.

In a Land of nothing. An untouched world. Rivers, waterfalls and trees as high as buildings and Notum everywhere. You can hear the silence.
Dinosaurcreatures with a higher technology you have not seen before. Much stronger, faster and with a better survivability against common weapons.
In this world you need to find a new way to survive. You cant affort the biggest alone its not possible. But as a Team you can bring it down and you will be rewarded with a new technology.

This technology brings you to the next Zone.

It looks so familiar to you. But its not the same as you will expect. It is a Western World fullfilled with Death, Canibalism, Hightech Stormraiders with armored Horses. You will find alot of Death and loneliness and mountains you where wondering that they exist.
Now its your turn to fight against this anger. Explore a new way of traveling in this world with a armored horse because flying is not avaible in this zone.
This zone is protected by a DeathKing. Its a rotton oponent on his death horse. You will need your whole strength to encounter him but he will reward you the main technology to find a way out there.

Welcome to the apocolypse of Rubi-Ka.

You are now in the future and still wondering what happened.
Rubi-Ka is broken down. It got sucked out of resources. Death everywhere. Civilization is living in the underground to avoid the heat because the war has changed the atmosphere over time. The Cities are burning for years now and wont stop at all.

You are going to have to accept that ur planet will die. Now it is time to fight together. All three factions will fight against the planet himself to find out whats really destroying it.
Robots got the predominance. They are so intelligent. They can repair themself. You will encounter manufactorys of robots you have never seen before.
They are strong, bulky and they are fast. They will never come alone.

At the End you all will find out that the Notum was never ever only a resource. It was a part of a living lifeform of the planet Rubi-Ka.

The Planets resource to live…

And we digged it out for years … to enrich ourselfs…

… Can you change the present ? …
… Will You ? …


thats it guys … thats whats spinning around in my mind.
hopefully u enjoyed it.
sorry for some spelling mistakes :smiley:

feel free to discuss


Interesting idea, but having played Horizon Zero Dawn (and loved it!), then Ark Survival Evolved (which reminds me that I need to feed my dinos there), which Funcom blatantly copied in Conan (but made no improvements that moved me to switch from Ark to Conan, and added lots of things which are bad, but not fixable by mods as well as Ark), and now Ark has copied content from Horizon Zero Dawn (hence my need to keep my dinosaurs there alive and well).

Spoiler alert: Horizon Zero Dawn is an apocalyptic Earth (Colorado Springs to Grand Canyon area), not Rubi-Ka ( - the best soundtrack ever in video game overall, a title previously held by AO, in my opinion, and this particular one from AO still rules:, but I don’t think people get to hear it as much as when we played AO on dial up - 4 kHz/56 k/s -with Pentiums, so we spent a lot of time on the loading screen, or hanging out in Borealis at night.)

So yeah, I’m good with it, but for people haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn and Ark, I’d suggest they try them first.

I’m obviously playing AO atm for different reasons.

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I’m always a bit boggled by any console only game that would clearly be betterer on a PC. BTAIM, I’d bought a PS4 2 years ago and did almost nothing with it since and looking over HZD it speaks to me so I’ll grab it and give it a go.

I just…well 2 weeks ago… reinstalled Fallen Earth. It also is Post Apoc & set in the Grand Canyon and is/was a pretty good game with over-the-top crafting. I say “was” because the previous owners put in major frustration to get you to reach for your wallet. You went from being able to queue up multiple items for crafting to a single item. You could pay for more with a one time fee and even more with a subscription…and even more with one of the highest monthly fees I’ve seen-- $29.99/month. They have since dropped the prices-- so the 4 tiers now are free/$4.99/$9.99/ & $14.99.

I’m not adverse to hauling out my wallet, and I understand the high cost of hamster feed & new substandard wheels for the server room, and I did sub for a while but ultimately it was a choice between AO, FE, or CoH (city of heroes) and AO won…and still wins. FE’s new owners are promising great things “soon tm.” so I’ll leave it installed for now.


I agree that AO wins. HZD is a great game, but it’s a single player console game that you can play whenever you want. I only mentioned it in response to the OP’s idea, since it sounded so similar, at least with respect to robotic dinos (and later copied in Ark). I played it for a few months (which is remarkable for me, since I’m not into console action games (since about 1997 when I started playing PC games - I played console games lots before then), but it’s got the best story of any game I’ve ever played (and I’ve been playing games since Pong was first released), HZD has surpassed my previous favorite game for story, Alpha Centauri, released in 1999).

Thanks for the info about the COH emulator. It was a great game too, that broke me of my habit of playing healers. It’s got the most innovative healers I’ve ever encountered in an MMO, but taught me that most MMO players beyond EQ just want you to heal so they can play stupid. Play fire mage/blaster for the win, unless the emulator has better balance than the original.

Lots of good single players out there, and lots of good MMO’s that failed. I agree that AO still wins as far as MMO’s, which I’ve been playing off and on since August 2001, and so do not want it to fail.

Like COH did. And Asheron’s Call, SWG, Earth and Beyond, Horizons, Dark Ages of Camelot, etc.

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