I'm gonna say it

Anarchy Online, built on the New World engine would put New World to shame.


Updated mechanics that resemble a MOBA (fun-erer), they have faction war - as does Anarchy, Anarchy Online does skills, gear, weapons, enemies, cities, lore…EVERYTHING better…or at least it did. With the raise of remade scifi movies such as Blade Runner, and Dune a game such as Anarchy Online would only succeed (as long as there is no monthly subscription).

Make a sequel to Anarchy Online that takes everything that made it great, and do it better.

Sitting on this IP and doing nothing with it is a huge mistake.



I agree iRuinLunches it would be great and gorgeous but the financial side of this would be the main problem, not to mention that as AO NW lost insane number of player of not being ready at time and insane duping bugs.

It wont happen but i do also wish it

MOBAs suck. No thanks. It won’t be AO if it isn’t an MMORPG.

new world is not a moba. its a sandbox mmorpg that is based on crafting with pve/pvm and pvp action. nw is pretty close to the ao philosophy compared to many themepark. the op has a point but as i replied earlier in the thread it wont work

I think it would work honestly. Given the vastness of Anarchy and the amount of content you can add to this game to keep it relevant is pretty wild. A botched release/poor marketing aside, I believe this game would thrive.

Why would Funcom emulate an MMO that went from millions of players to less then 50k in the span of 2 months?

It would just be a fast track to the death of the IP.

Furthermore AO’s tab and lock combat system is not transferable to modern point and aim type of MMOs. It’s not as simple as slapping a new engine on it. You’d have to redesign the mechanics from ground up. Whatever would come out on the other end would not be AO in any meaningful way.

If you want to play a Scifi MMO that has New World style combat mechanics go play Planetside 2.

Considering Funcom’s record with AO. I don’t they are actually capable of doing much of anything. Have you tried to use the register.funcom or anarchy-online sites?? Websites aren’t that hard, and they can’t even make those 2 sites work properly after more than 20 years.

They have kept it in working order for over 20 years. That’s better than any relationship you’ve ever had!