AO2 - Crazy Idea

This game has lasted so long, despite everything, after at least 11 years, I’ve subbed a few days ago. It fills me with joy seeing it going.

But what if, WHAT IF FUNCOM would release AO2 ? AO 2.0. Whatever you want to call it.

Made by this century’s kids for this century’s kids.

I am inviting everyone to post,comment, come with ideas and in doing so this thread stays on top long enough to be seen by everyone.

Thank you.


We’ve been wishing for an AO2 for a long time. Unfortunately no one at FC seems to care or comment about it.

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I believe you’re looking for the Dune MMO open world game. That looks like the best shot at a game in the same vein as AO from Funcom.

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Dune is AOs death ? =)
i really like to see Dune with AOs Skillsystem and Raid System/Upgrade Items

Funcom has a history of failed launches for MMOs. I wouldn’t put it past them that they fail at Dune either at launch or with various in game mechanics/unfinished core features.

You wont get another game like AO with its skill system in any MMO ever. From here on out every MMO is going to be a WoW clone in some way.

AO2 is a bad idea from the start. Why create a game that competes with itself. The MMO market is saturated. The only way to get a piece of the pie is to bring something to the table that has an already established market.

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A new Expansion for AO and hundred of players come back :slight_smile:

From a business standpoint, AO2 likely wouldn’t break even. I’m not clear about the number of developers it took to make AO but even with off the shelf tech the game systems, art assets, and content would have to be made. That is a lot of designers to hire to make the next iteration of a game that probably has like 500 regular players.

It would be more likely that AO would go down and somebody would have to crowd fund the licensing and run a really tight volunteer group of coders, designers, artists.