Anatomy and wet effect

been playing the game for a while and appreciate the experience it provides while adding not-inconsiderable bits of realism from time to time. I see some have made this point but why don’t you look to add a more immersive wet/sweat effect in the game? there are mods that affect how ‘glossy’ a character appears so is is eminently doable.

Also i’m sure it has been pointed out before but characters should really have an ■■■■ considering that there are animations for food/drink now while also allowing adjustment for limb length etc.


I would love sweaty characters. I’m very curious what was censored…

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Would be cool yeah, rain already applies wet textures on body
I think blood should stay on character longer too, but decay faster if you jump in water

Lord help us if the wet texture looks like some of the ones used for UNPB and CBBE body replacers for Skyrim. Enough baby oil to drown a household pet.

i was referring to an anatomical part in the human hinterland, maybe that is why.

Hmmmmm will let my imagination be my guide

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