Dirt System on Pc and Npc bodies

Is there a chance to funcom work at or at least a way to mod the textures of the player and thralls body to make them look dirty and with that more visual necessity to take some bath?

I really love this game, and every new dlc too. I like the freedom and immersion level that this game offers, but still there’s some lack of immersion that just let me crying for more. And it’s a simple thing! I would like to actually see my character and the npcs get dirty. I would like to see my character actually drinking and taking a bath even if i need to manually activate an emote for that! I would like to see the soles of my character dirty, and not feel like i’m actually walking in a clean room besides of all the dirt i walk.

Some new games are already starting to take a better look at this topic too, some of them are Red Dead Redemption 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, and even an old and yet new game Project Zomboid added a dirtness system.

This and more emotes like actually see my character eating/drinking would made my dream. If not by the Funcom itself, at least some modder could do that? Is it possible? Is it hard? could i learn how to texture by myself while being a noob?

That’s it, cheers

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