AndyB, Forum menu sizing issue appeared

Hey @AndyB,

On mobile iOS Safari, (because of longer thread titles?) the forum menu -main page- part for Secret World Legends is wider than the otger sections / wider than my mobile screen -though it’s scrollable and not a real problem to miss reply counts-, I’m giving you a heads-up :wink:

What iOS version you have? I have 12.3 and have no issues :o

It does look normal for me? I have iPhone 6 plus, so the screen is indeed bit wider than normal ones has. But my husband has normal size iPhone 6, and his screen appears to be normal too :o

refering to the very main menu, not the subforum’s menu

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing, please?

For now, let’s just say the section for SWL got wider by this much

I’ll see if I have time for a screenshot later today.

So, in the first image, the numbers are off-screen and you can scroll to the right. This only happens for the SWL section. It’s only the text element which is wider, the background is still as wide as the other sections.

In the second image, with landscape mode, two-digit numbers have their second digit off-screen and the first already appear on the very border of the screen, which is not really appealing. You can again scroll to the right if you want to see that digit. This happens for all sections (and I can’t say if any elements are ‘wider’ in this case).