Animal pen and needed items to make food

Hi. So I finally placed my animal pen and I am just trying to figure out the items I need for food. I saw plant fiber being an item. What other items are needed?

If you open the inventory for each animal type it shows what food they eat. So any of those would work.

Meats, human flesh, berries, plant fibre, rocks, depends on what kind of animal you have in there, but the above covers quite a few. There are also some that eat mushrooms, or crystal etc. But yea just check each animal type.

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Currently all animals and thralls will eat Honey, keep that in mind for Thrall Pots and Feed Boxes.

However as for taming or raising an animal you’ll need certain foods as @dakka mentioned you can check pets that you already own to see what they will eat, but with each pet and food type your chance of getting a Greater/Elite Version of the animal varies.

The best food will always be “Shadespiced” but in order to gain the shadebloom to make the spice you’ll need to run through the Midnight Grove Dungeon, to find the alternative or recommended food for your desired pet I recommend checking on the Conan Exiles Gamepedia Wiki, I’ve link the article regarding Pet and their Preferred Food below;

I hope I was able to help. :slight_smile:

also most animals and all thralls eat raw human flesh when you grow or break them.

and once dancers have tasted human flesh … :smiley:

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