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Hi I wasn’t sure who to reach out to but my animal pens aren’t working right. Usually when you put a baby animal in the pen their picture shows up in the bottom right corner where the crafting queue is. But they’re only messing up for my hyenas. I had them in the animal pen and then I eventually placed an armored animal pen and no pics of the animals in bottom right corner

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What did you feed them we had problems last night.

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ive had a version of this bug with about everything thats useable, its notta prob when you can return it to ur inventory but you gotta destroy that to replace it, thankfully it was only hyenas ;] if it happens w somethin like the fluid press, u can fix it by takin it off/on hotbar, and placing an diff placeable. much like the building bug workaround.

There’s no food in the Pen in this screenshot… Those li’l tykes will need some protein if you want them to grow up into flea-ridden chompy bois.

I put food in the regular animal pen when I had them in that and no response. Then I put the hyenas in the armored animal pen and no pics in bottom right corner. Also I put food in the armored animal pen and no response from that either

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Can you specify what food you are giving them?

They eat cooked human flesh

Hyenas should be given raw food, feral flesh, exotic, human. Shadespiced works better for greaters.

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Nothing is working. I did both raw and cooked

Hi all!! Never mind I got it…

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