Animal trqaining and yamati soup . HELP

i put yamati soup in the pen but the creatures dont eat it. i put yamati soup in the creature when it has matured, it dosnt eat it. whats the trick , i want some fanct animals but i a missing the knowledge. heelp

You need the adult animal in your inventory scroll through right side till you see the animal and apply I think that’s it if not I can test tonight good luck

You need to make sure that that soup is something the animal(s) even want to eat. For the adults, if you click on it (as if to access its inventory), you’ll be able to see toward the bottom of that window the list of foods they’ll eat in decreasing order of preference. If the food isn’t shown there, the pet won’t eat it. I’m not aware of any pets going for soup. (It’s tough wrangling the spoon when you don’t have opposable thumbs. :wink: )

Like Sestus said, creating the Yamatai animals is a recipe. Just make sure NOT to put the animal down, I have made that mistake!

Pull the animal out of the pen, so it enters your inventory while you also have the soup in your inventory as well. From there, scroll until you find the beastie you would like to ‘craft’ and you are all set! I like the sabers myself.

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Thanks for explaining that better than I did. LOL

Actually, @TimeLord75, pets will eat other foods (but not just any) than are listed unless your server admin has Restricted Diet enabled in settings.

I have a few that prefer cooked lobster :slight_smile:

As to opposable thumbs, I look forward to getting those :stuck_out_tongue:

I only did this once, but if I remember, you need the yamatai food and the animal in inventory, then you “craft” the yamatai skinned version using the pet and food as ingredients. If you look at your personal inventory craft items, you will see the types of animals that can be changed.

thanks guys :+1:

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