Please Adjust Thrall / Pet Appetites

By now, most of us know that pets and thralls will immediately consume any and all food put into their inventory. But for the sake of sanity, can we please adjust what they consider “food”.

I was just getting ready to make myself enough Aloe Soup to restock my outposts, when I made the mistake of transferring the salt and aloe leaves to my follower. Gone. All of it.

Similarly, it would be nice if we could harvest bugs for Derketo without our bearers going full-on horror show and eating them all.

IMO, the easiest way to fix this is to make it so that pets and thralls will ONLY eat their prefered foods (for the 25% buff), and to narrow or eliminate what they’ll eat for the 10% buff. I mean why would a Rhino eat roasted haunches or various soups anyway? It hurtz muh brane! :sweat_smile:

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