Animals and monsters able to swim?

Why animals and monsters are not able to swim ?

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I would be all for this, by all logic, the Crocodiles should already be able to swim, since the real thing can swim. I can understand certain creatures being unable to swim, but some should be able to easily.

It would also potentially prevent a bug I experienced yesterday, I had respawned at my jungle base and encountered 2 Tigers when I was about to retrieve my gear, I ended up running into the water, the Tigers followed and ran into the water, they got stuck underwater and were left walking in place underwater.

I think the water in Conan Exiles is not really water, I mean it looks like but it doesn’t behave like. So till now it’s not possible for NPCs and monsters to swim or dive. I believe they planed to do it because you still find 3D fishes in the Devkit. So actual it won’t be possible but who knows maybe in future. Then this will be a huge thing and not easy to implement but also not impossible.

Cool, I hope I do not wait until 2022 …
Exactly I wanted to take a look at the Conan Exiles development kit, by chance does the kit allow to edit the Conan Exiles regions (biomes) or the whole map?

And yes CrystalGoddess, crocodiles should be able to swim and not walk underwater.

To be honest, I often encounter this bug where NPCs / creatures are walking underwater …
And it bothers me a bit, but good considering the work that is done by Funcom, no doubt that this problem will be corrected someday :wink:

Enfin j’espère ne pas attendre 2022…

[ As with this bug of respawn of the NPCs /Creatures, this weekend I went to the desert, where there are Darfari camps and a giant spider next, I went to the nest below, and I am fell not as usual on 2-3 spiders but between 15-20… ]

@Pierre24 The Devkit allows you to edit special levels (you can call it regions or part of the map) You can also add new levels (up to 10). And there is a lot more than that.

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