#AnimatedAngst Alternate Reality Game - MEGAversary Edition



The Albion would be the most obvious, so I checked that first. But since the poster is so pixelated, I just removed it from my checklist :confused:
Since I remembered posters at tupenny dreadful, too, I went there to check. Just comic book covers and a big wave of mission nostalgia there however.

And I am quite sure that like you mentioned the map and place IS important. It has been in entry 2 so I strongly assume that it’ll be the case in #3. Can’t quite piece everything together though, hence my rants.

Wouldn’t mind the dates too much, since it is a player made ARG and needed to be prepared a bit beforehand I guess.


So The Stationmaster is a bit of an Expert on the ups and downs in Agartha right. Now i personally avoid being active on social media like the plague, but maybe someone should ask him if he knows anything about the connection between Agartha and SEFIROT

Another thing is that SEFIROT is entirely in caps.


Was mulling about the caps too. Just not sure where to put it. Is it another code or just the hint to the Kabbalah tree? Is it a color code? Raking my brain and enjoying it.

And since it was claimed that his riddle can be solved without twitter, I just kinda rely upon that. A good idea though :slight_smile: Makes me happy everytime someone shares their thoughts. So thank you all so far


Yeah wondering if its some sort of code too, but it doesnt look like a hash for an url this time … they are rarely fully capped.

Also true about twitter, says you don’t need it to solve the puzzles, but that it is a good idea to watch him … i suppose that implies we dont need to communicate with him to solve anything.

Noticed the Animated Angst lore is not actually listed under seasonal lore if you navigate there through menues … i wonder if SEFIROT is hidden in a similair manner?


Most simple cypher would be to turn the letters into numbers. But that seems too easy to me^^’ So I am a bit anxious to even post it here… numbers would be 19-5-6-9-18-15-20

Edit: trying out your idea with the lore hint. Sounds logical to me. (Ever wondered if the creator is seeing all the people guess and riddle and he’s sitting there snickering while drinking tea classical villain style? xD)


Tried to go to the Agartha lore on tswdb and add /sefirot at the end of the url … got nothing


Oh i am pretty sure he is lol

Tried a couple different areas of the Legends section in an attempt to find a hidden url … little luck and getting too tired to come up with more for now, but happy hunting and ill join you after some sleep xD.


Joining the brain racking protocol!
If you check in /collection, animated angst appears though, even if it does not in /seasonal.
Also fun fact (probably not relevant though), but in the Agartha lore section, “this too shall pass” can be read, (alsmot as in AA#1 … ). (still confused that #1 is the most obscure by the way…)

More seriously, from the image found with #2 location, tried a few thing like opening with hex editor to see if there was no hidden text of files, tried playing with saturation/levels/contrast/ a bit… without success it seems. But I think it is weird too @Jack.


Welcome on board, the more the merrier xD.

I halted at the phrase “This too, shall pass” as well also the fact it says Unknown, Instanced. I feel like i shouldnt just write off AA#1, but i feel like the Unknown, Instance means it can’t be accessed without us having a mission (like in the game, where most instances need a mission to access). That plus the fact it was posted before the ARG officially started, makes me feel like it tells us, “you can not go here now, but this too shall pass”

Similairly AA#2 “Do you see, sweetling?” while showing us a picture, and it again being pre official start, makes me think that this is US gaining access to the instance, through the mission (#AnimatedAngst picture being the mission intro).

AA#3 is also from pre start, “Coming soon to a theater near you”. I personally think this tells us #AnimatedAngst will soon be available, in the place (Agartha), at the coordinates (SEFIROT).

Or you know I am not thinking too much about it, unlike what ppl usually tent to do, and all three are very important to move on.


Initiate the Riddler Signal!
This is just my two cents but when I looked up the phrase “this too, shall pass” I found out that the actual phrase’s origin is unknown but that most people associate it with Judaism which seems to line up with the other important phrases mentioned like Genizah, Sephirot, Shemira, and Kohelet.


I know you are looking at the lore - but I cannot get past the Buzzing text above the lore. Mainly because it is like directions.

Initiate the sefirot signal > In our conscious form explore the tree of life / Agartha

initiate the shemira protocol > guarding / watching over the dead – not sure where we could do this in agartha.

initiate the wisdom of Kohelet > Kohelet endorses wisdom as a means for a well-lived earthly life. Could this be directing us to the library?

grasp the genizah grammar > head into the portal and defeat the Talos to have the Genziah?

@alienx815 That phrase leads us also to King Solomon. Though that may lead us down a rabbit hole hehe


I wonder how much we are expected to use anything in game though. I haven’t touched many ARGs, but ain’t they usually disconnected from the Game itself as a platform? So far we have not had to do anything with SWL itself either.


@Katelin There is actually two blajini dead bodies in agartha at (286:406), accessed from the hub platform … :neutral_face: (stepped upon while searching for Talos lores…)
Does someone know if its already related to something like a quest or i it was already spotted before the anniversary MAJ?
Besides, I agree with SinOfTheWolfs, as ARG stands for alternate reality game, should not be in SWL.


They exist since Anima Allocation since Anima Allocation simplified gear and made them obsolete.


Yeah Calligari mentioned the other two Blajini snickering amongst themselves …


I think this interpretation of the Buzzing text makes quite a lot of sense. To hypothesize further on what you’ve written, I think the “shemira protocol” hints at the two dead blajini that Kirhin mentioned, the “wisdom of Kohelet” may refer to the Agartha #5 legend located next to the bodies, and the “grasp the genizah grammar” could indicate that the legend could help us proceed/find the solution. The legend reads:

Technology and magic interlock like a two-headed calf. The craft is beyond the scope of your species. Yet the clever secret worlder can learn to ride the anywhere paths to reach far away places. The anima-touched may enter.

I’ve been trying to figure out what “that” may refer to in the Black Signal entry (“You don’t mind if I move that over here, do you?”). I thought the moving may refer to two versions of the TSWDB website, so I looked for any Animated Angst on the legacy version, but I didn’t find anything there.

“This too shall pass” also appears in the Whispering Tide lore section, which may or may not be relevant. What I find curious about this phrase is that it and some others (most notably “DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?”) point to time/passing of time. When asked nicely about Agartha, Stationmaster states that “The older growth, further down, leads to other places in other times.” Of course we don’t have the ability to go to those places and times, the lower branches of the world tree is where the two blajini bodies are.


Yes. And especially for me who thinks into at least 20 different directions simultaneously, someone with that straight thinking like yours is very appreciated. So please set me back on track whenever you feel like it^^ Although I gotta say, Katelin might’ve read the Kabbalah as much as I did :crazy_face:

Damn, now I got a new track to look into :smiley:

Stumbled over that, too. Made me think that the “location” SEFIROT is somewhere inside “Agartha” or in this special case the Lore from Agartha in the Database. Haven’t cracked the code yet, though.
Thank you for trying to pull something out of the image on your own. No results on my end either, but yeah, it felt off …
The dead Blajini are not related to any mission I know of. Ran TSW since beta as well as SWL. I can only speak for myself here, but who and why should ever have gone to this specific twig? Meaning, those bodies could have been down there since launch for all I know. (Edit: Ah, just read Leogrim 's claryfication. Thanks :slight_smile: ) It is interesting however, that Blajini from inside Agartha mall went missing however (if they were patched out, I missed the notes) and we were led to that twig by the newly placed Lore.

Riddling protocol peaked. If I were to take this totally off the game and only bring it to Agartha (generally seen as the Tree of Life and Wisdom) and further link that to the Kabbalah and the SEFIROT (which shares Agartha’s description of a tree), the bottom is Malkuth. Currently reading this again.

Happy to see so many riddlers :sparkling_heart::tada:

Edit 2: Just as a random rant: The letters from the Tetragrammaton are similar to some of the letters you find on the ingame map of Agartha^^ If you want me to decipher the writings on the map, let me know. I used the anniversary banner to decode it *grins


Again i don’t believe we will need to go anywhere in SWL to solve anything, but i would love to see a translation of the map xD.

I keep coming back to Agartha and SEFIROT, not in the form of their historical facts, but as a location and cipher. I’m fiarly sure i also tried to throw Malkuth around in the url in different locations on tswdb, of cause without any luck.

I even played with the idea that SEFIROT might be hinting at a ROT code, but that feels a lot more far fetched.

For the hell of it i did an image.google.com search on the #AnimatedAngst banner from imgur. Two of them lead here with two different sizes. The 3rd leads to feedyeti.com, but as far as i can tell that is a dead end.


Does anyone noticed THIS in https://www.tswdb.com/ homepage? :



This fragment first appeared in the Anniversary Event announcemet post, so I doubt it has much to do with the ARG.