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I went on a tangent … looked briefly into Divine Emanations from the Sefirot – then their numerical values. I thought it would give us numbers and potentially lead to something.

I cannot see how the numbers help us - but here are my brief notes in case anyone else was working similarly on my thinking from above.

sefirot = explore Consciousness = Keter, or Crown – we have 620 ?

shemira = guarding / watching = we have to do this part, there is no number… it is our job if we are going with “sefirot” not being a wagtail, and it instead meaning that we need to use ROT.

Kohelet = wisdom = chochmah – 73 if counted alone

genizah = where this will happen, because it’s a container


Short reply, still ill and not feeling too well. Translation of the map needs to wait a bit, but will post it. Just did it for fun and it is non-related to the riddle.

Here’s the news from out top man!

So imho I see two approaches with my fever cooked brain:
The numerical one or the mythical one.

Numerical prolly in the means of what Katelin wrote or en- / decryption with the tabula recta with ten as the key / shift.
Mythical in means of: I f all ways and portals of the sefirot are combined, the hidden 11th sefirah will appear and “open”, which would be Da’at or Da’as. The Sefirot are also called the 10 ancient / base numbers and are sometimes linked to the Great Arcana of Tarot.

Just some random thought snippets. I apologize for not explaining them properly this time.


No clue where to go with any of this yet but some things that stick out.

Where are you sweetling? Look closely. Look for us beneath the screen

Are we looking at the keyboard beneath our screen?

Lense Distorted

Asking us to look at AA#2 maybe?

We see the pathes of Wisdom. Do you? Many of you are not there yet.

Did one of us get close to a solution?

Now the more obvious hints (obvious they are hints not their meaning lol).

Collect the 32 and pass go

http://www.jwmt.org/v1n3/32paths.html … The 32 pathes of Wisdom?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_not_pass_Go.Do_not_collect$200. This phrase looks familiar

Connect the 22 to advance
The 10 are the key

There are 22 letters and 10 numbers in the Sefirot

Anyways as said no real clue where to go, just some observations



I know exactly what you mean. I understand what is meant in the message, I just don’t have the means (yet) to convert it to a clue that could move us forward :confused:


It seems a little silly … but over on discord we kinda found a rabbit hole with monopoly writen on it >.>


Can’t connect our riddle to Monopoly, even though the reference is understood.

Two thought trains that I still have… if I still stay somewhat close to the Kabbalah

  • Collect the 32 = The Sefirot in total would sum up to 4363 (Hebrew letters always have a numerical value)
  • Connect the 22 = 1495
  • The 10 are the key = 2868 (sum of the numerical value of the 10 sefirah names)

Unfortunately, that’s where my brain said f*ck you, because I have a picture and in means of languages translation brain, but not that of a math-person. So if anyone is more clever on what to do with numbers, as well as de- or encoding in different ways, go ahead. ^^

Still, while I was looking into those numbers and the SEFIROT as the tree of life, I also stumbled over this snippet from Wikipedia: "42 is the number with which God creates the Universe in Kabbalistic tradition. In Kabbalah, the most significant name is that of the En Sof (also known as “Ein Sof”, “Infinite” or “Endless”), who is above the Sefirot.
EDIT: Which reminds me of the text on the map next to our Agartha Mall “Home Among Infinitum”. The main hub reads “Well Of Vitae”.

And 42 is definitely a number even I can work with and also make a movie reference with (see AA#3 coming soon to a theater near you). It is used in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” as “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.
I wish it would be enough for this riddle :crazy_face: Even though my hebrew is now better than it ever was.

I have the nagging feeling that the solution is so easy and goofy, that it slaps us in the face by now and we still don’t see it xD

Just funny, unrelated tinfoil hat material: The Mystical Qabalah describes Keter as pure consciousness, beyond all categories, timeless, a point that crystallises out of the Ein Soph, and commences the process of emanation that ends in Malkuth. The name of God given to it is Eheieh --( I am the Dreamers’ dream. I Am What I Am.) All of this reminded me so much of John :blacksignal:


Nice thinking, @Jack - you led me here with your thoughts:

Thus Ben-Haddad king of Aram came against Israel with THIRTY-TWO kings (corresponding to the thirty-two pathways of wisdom rooted in the twenty-two letters and ten vowels of Hebrew)


The location for AA2 lists a/KrPVRMO

Is the image of the AA logo.
“DO YOU SEE, SWEETINGS” seemed to connected with the lens distortion and looking closely beneath the screen part of the new message.
The AA Logo from a/KrPVRMO contained hidden transparency layers, parts with alpha levels set to 0 so they would render as transparent but do contain color information.
Here’s what it looks like with those layers visbie:

Here’s an overlay of the visible and invisible:

Hope this helps.

I think it’s clear we should blame all of this on Ted.


The ted aside im not sure what we are supposed to see with this ._.


What if ted is part of the puzzle…and the other 2 lores lead to the rest of a word

In the form of [Part from AA1#-ted-Part from AA3# equals word for solution further)


While we could prolly find something from AA#3 … i mean we do have something to work with there … where are we going wiht AA#1 =x?


Trivial. :slight_smile:

More seriously for #3 we indeed have data to mine. Thinking back to what we have, this is how I see things :

TRANSMIT - initiate the Sefirot signal

This could be the riddle we are talking about, kabbalistic-themed.

RECEIVE - initiate the shemira protocol -

Could be the riddle solving itself as it could be linked to some (animated) dead watching?

DOWNLOAD - initiate the wisdom of Kohelet -

Hint that was probably supposed to guide us to the 32 Paths of Wisdom?

DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? - grasp the genizah grammar -

Coding stuff ahead, liked to some Hebraic numerical/Torah code of some sort.
What could be the crypto system?

WITNESS - Animated Angst.

This solved, we get the answer.


Look for us beneath the screen

Just to say ‘’ Don’t search ingame but IRL ‘’ ?
Could also mean to use Hebraic keyboard layout?

Collect the 32 and pass go.

Obviously the 32 paths are 22+10 indeed, for 22 letters and 10 Sefirot (numbers?).

Connect the 22 to advance.

If we assume it refers to the 22 letters of the Hebraic alphabet, connect could mean find/translate a word/sentence? Could also be based on the sefirotic tree, as the 22 are the links between the 10 nodes.

the 10 are the key.

ARE, not only one? Understand SEFIROT, as hinted in AA#3?
Then how to use “agartha” and the text?:


I need to investigate all of this and my notes are on paper somewhere in my dimentional bag, but if this train-trip-brainstorming can help…



That could be it.
Like, seriously.

Anima Angst has quite a different meaning than “Animated Angst”, and the title isn’t centered in the image, it’s offset slightly to left so that only Ted is distinct against the invisible layer.
So what Ted isn’t the important part, but the ‘Anima’ and ‘Angst’?


Good to see someone more talented picked up with the trasparency and some more an onto the kabbalah and even the coding part is being picked up.

If you connect the ten sefirah (I only posted the numerical values above, but forgot to write down the letters) you’ll get the letters He (E), Sin (S), Koph (Q), Daleth (D), Aleph (A), Ajin (O), Resch ( R ), Mem (M), Lamed (L) and Taw (T). Please note that a direct connection between the third and fouth sefirah is only possible in the expanded SEFIROT with the Da’at path in it. Hence my above line of letters. I took the “path of the divine flash” to get the letters. But feel free to correct me.

We do have enough data to mine. I just haven’t found any way it would take us to the next step yet. Where to put the numbers, the knowledge? Another imgur? Twitterpost? pastebin? …

Since I’ve already been there multiple times, I hope you all can make more out of it. I’m curious what you’ll find or if. So while everyone is on the serious parts now, allow me this quick joke:
Anima (sometimes called Emma) clings to her Teddybear when she is afraid (Angst)
~Edit2: I hope our dear Anima is not in danger o__O
which makes me think of this little picture

Here a bigger one

Please don’t hit me. It is around 8AM and I’m still on my first cup of coffee xD


Gotta look into that! :slight_smile:


If you are looking for some numbers, feel free to double-check mine above. I used that method on the whole thing. I didn’t count in the “hidden” Da’at, which would have the value 474.

The value of the SEFIROT itself, should be the sum of the 22 and 10 (4363). Should, if we stay true to the Gematria. If I’d however literally switch the letters for numbers, I’d get 1 5 6 10 200 70 400 and a sum of 692.

I still have no clue what to make of all that however. The fun I have with the deciphering aside :sun_with_face:

On a side note: Hidden in the Sefirot is also the Seal of Solomon as well as the Star of David. Just a tidbit I found.


Initiate the throwing my two cents in protocol.


The Stationmaster is continuously looking at his pocket watch (He never looks away. Did he always do that?) which appears to have an hour hand (short with a head) just past the 9, then two longer hands pointing to the 2 (10 mins) and 11 (55 mins) and a shorter hand pointing near the 5.

Given that the bit above comes right after “initiate the wisdom of Kohelet” and the Hebrew Kohelet is Ecclesiastes, I pulled Ecclesiastes 9 here

Lots to do with death, of course, but Sheol is specifically mentioned. However in only the Jewish versions (CJB and Orthodox).
Poked around in Sheol a bit in game but nothing particularly stuck out as different, unfortunately. I’ll also have a look over at the instanced version of Sheol just in case.


ad agartha map translation: my quick translation https://imgur.com/UJAZajW however it won’t help with ARG (imo)

ad “THIS TOO, SHALL PASS”: from wikipedia: 'In some versions the phrase is simplified even further, appearing as only the Hebrew letters gimel, zayin, and yodh, which begin the words “Gam zeh ya’avor” (Hebrew: גַּם זֶה יַעֲבֹר‏‎, gam zeh yaavor), “this too shall pass.” ’


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edited on friday
it seems to be just the removal of the second lore, dose that mean that that one was completly solved?

The above was noted on discord. Note that the lore was not removed from The Black Signal


So people don’t miss it. Not sure exactly what or when they discovered something =x


I would love to know WHAT they found…
I feel like most of us are collectively going in circles while the people having the clues do there one little private party D: