Animations for Drinking/Eating

Voted for add animation

Also, give nerfed healing effect if a char is not hungry may also work for preventing abuse.

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I’d like that just for immersion’s sake. :slight_smile:

And now we have confirmation that they ARE adding animations for bandages and ‘other’ consumables. I like the sounds of it!

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Indeed, just in time, hope this come without bugging something else :stuck_out_tongue:

god no, i dont use healing potions that often, an animation would ruin the game as healing items are not readily availible atthe begining. food is theonly way to heal and as is i stay at 50% cause of the lack of healin in the game, maybe when healing spells drop or something sure

they should make passive healing a thing again even without traits, any kind of slow HP replenishment will be good. eating sXXt all the time is the most stupid thing in game atm (and there is lot of sXXt going on right now…)


agreed, lol this always hurt crap really sucks

Yeah, I wasn’t fond of the change to passive healing with the combat update. They wouldn’t need to change the 3rd vitality perk, just make the passive regen a bit faster.

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