Anniversary event

It is the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Fu*com though.

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Here is a look at the Agents:

*Edit: Fixed a small issue in the picture.
**Edit: Added trait texts


What abilities do they have?

Good ones. Lots of extra/reduced resources. More Critical success times and reduced completion times (usually both at once in one ability). Eve doesn’t get Fatigue. Some have “major bonuses” to stats.

Edit: I want most/all of them of course. Not going to spend hundreds of dollars on them though.

Is this datamined or there are people who were able to get them all already? :slight_smile:

If you have the Agent UI mod (I forget the exact name), it shows all agents you don’t have yet.



Updated Picture with Trait’s Texts.
Not really Datamined, nor have i bought any.

But giving these and Epic cache keys is the new content we got, i really doubt i will
due to the buyers remorse that hit me when i bought some boosters and just got a duplicate and blue weaponry… <.<;

And the all things i wanted see make a return for 24 months, still being lost in Limbo’s realm…
makes me wonder why i’m still a Patron?.. oh right because the Cabal needs someone to take care of the bank…

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I postponed my leaving to wait for this event, as there may be something worth to change my mind.

Well, the community is great each event.

But there is nothing new. Only this pack of new agents in shop. :frowning:


Overpriced, under-delivering (both compared to similar products in MMOs by leading competitors) agent boosters as “content” again.

I swear, I need contact details for those whales still supporting Funcom. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell, and I bet I could get Bernie Madoff to offer some great investment opportunities, as well.


well… that explains the lack of Patch notes <.<;


Same here, I know I’ve said I will never resub to a certain MMO that has recently introduced gender-locked classes…

It belatedly hit me, but there are 4 weeks of daily event rewards, and only 3 weeks of event itself. Cutting too close to meaningful rewards, as people who for any reason missed claiming just one will not get the signet fusion thingy.

nonono you wont you lose a day you can count from next day.

you’re missing the point.
Normally, event are 28 days long. If you log in every day then the last week will just give you an extra buzzing hive, and you collect the most valuable rewards after 21 days. If you miss up to 7 days of login rewards, you will still get all the good stuff, you’ll just be short of extra hives.

This event though is only 21 days long (as @LexXxich said). That means that if you miss any logins then you won’t be able to get the Signet Fusion Catalyst before the event is over…

@AndyB may have plans though, we can only hope!

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wat???I did not even noticed that lol,if thats the case then kind bad…

Oh snap! I missed the first two days but kept calm since I knew we always get more days than enough to collect the rarities. Extending the event by one week wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Whats ur ingame name zip?

Zippzer, why? :slight_smile:

Brought to you by the same team that says 360 days is a year :slight_smile:

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(almost) Any MMO billing team will tell you that 360 days equals a year, because they sell game sub time in multiples of 30 days.