Anniversary Leaderboards?

I agree. This evening I can’t farm cause I have RL stuff… they said it should be over morning EDT instead still keep going… I really give up. Such things without rules respected are really annoying. My bad to waste hours farming so far just to get nothing.

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They had enough time to play that They Are Billions clone, despite the apparent “holiday” - so why not attend to this leaderboard? Could it be the gravy train of item shop AA potions coming to an end?

Lol they extended it to monday. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

@AndyB are you kidding us? Stop that leaderboardmadness and give us our shards.

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@AndyB extending this broken leaderboard only ammounts to frustration

the idea is super good, but when it only makes for lowbie dungeon farming on 80s, it doesn’t make the game active in a good way.

It’s definitely been a learning experience (then again, what isn’t?) and I hope to be able to have that stat/rule refined for the future if we go this route again.


If its funcom it can go wrong. Like already said a competition in which you change the rules like the distance to go during the event is an absolute no go. You could have made a season 3. For this faupax you should offer us double reward since you force ppl to invest double of their time now - or loose time spend so far - as compared to season 1.

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omg they want us to keep doig the 3 same dungeon overand over, for whole Week end…
WTF really!


This is the biggest drama since The 500 Shard Bomb.

The 1200 Shard Shower will live on in infamy.


Keep up the good work andy. If you guys need some free developer love hit a brother up (pvp content only :slight_smile: ).


Its like signing up for a run 3000 m, and when ur almost at the finish line,(all power gone) ul get a notice from the line, its now 5000 m instead…wtf u cant do this to people, seriosly?
I`m on the lists, I want my shards, end it!


got 6 toons on crom on the dungeonbosslist… Just got the info only 1 counts.

Your contribution will NOT be forgotten brave adventurer.

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yes, that’s the most stupid decision they could do really, who care for the mount…
I start to think, they are already in weekend, they will close the event only when they come back

@AndyB give us daily login rewards… as you extend the event, we want more shards via daily.


I would say don’t give anything to the ones that are constantly whining in here :stuck_out_tongue:


I for one am glad AndyB is letting us have more time, I was having a hard time getting enough boss kills and now I might just make it onto the big screen.

I’m confused as to why a few of the people in here seem to act as if their lives were destroyed by the chance to get some more exciting PvE in before the end of the event.



Your are a pretty strange guy. Above you said why they would extend it, when i speculated on it you said: no way a goal is a goal. Now you are a fan of it. So i guess that speaks…

Well. Extending “the grind” without refreshing the daily logins would be non professional.

I personally dont want to extend the grind too. We failed to get the community goal and that’s it.

btw. there is no big reason to do the daily challenges (kills/finishers/RF/Minigame/Unchained) if there is no daily reward. :frowning:

It would be fine if the event had been closed today, so i dont have to worry about farming the next days content i wouldnt do normally.

No I don’t agree in extending it. It should’ve ended today as they said it would. But I don’t agree complaining and whining directly to Andy about more free rewards is very nice either, and very childish.