Anniversary Mount

This - unless you threw it away like I did :slight_smile:

(maybe will have more patience next time… still I’m happy for all the rest of you guys, it’s great they do this fix with the advanced riding)

I think it’s been dealt with already. Before the 9th when I clicked on mount it said that I need advanced riding. I think yesterday, I just click on mount in inventory and it worked… new mount and I can ride it

Might just be a hit or miss thing and you got lucky. I have seen in chat others that have said the same thing.

Now I just ran through my characters with the mount and they all show orange bordered in the inventory and when clicked on still come up with the ‘must have adv riding skill’, so they don’t work.

Thanks for all the replies. Already tested the helmet and is an account wide thing. So, I’m really happy about that. And I do like the helmet. Savage style.

As for the mount, it was more of a curiosity. I already claimed it for one of the characters, and was a little meh to waste that space in inventory until 80th (bank space is always full :slight_smile: ) . As horse mounts go, I prefer the stables ones. Not really a fan of barding mounts. Like a more simple (or savage) appearance.

But I’ll wait 'till the event is over. Wish I coul help on the event quests, so I can contribute. That way, I’m feeling a little leechy and embarassed for all the work other players are doing. (Hey, it’s Hyboria after all :slight_smile: ). But I’m so neurotic in complete a Unconquered Character that I don’t play anything else, and sure am not going to risk him. Besides, still too low level (repeating Tortage again, and again, and again,…).

Once again, thanks for all the input.

And thanks again Funcom for these events, and the little things that are creeping to improve the game (just don’t forget Anarchy. That one could really need a lot of love, and I wanted to try it even before AoC).

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Looks like they all claimed their helmet…


So the event is ended like a day ago and i still dont have this advanced riding skill, I’m alone on this or no one got it ?

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I cant use the mount yet either.

From the announcement section: “While the event itself ends tomorrow, June 9, we’re leaving the daily login rewards up through the rest of the week & weekend, and turning them off June 15th.”

You probably won’t see the tomes until after the next patch. I’m not planning on checking my claims until Monday.

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Thank you for FREE book, it’s nice gesture :+1:

Sadly - level 20 like me can’t use this, perhaps in the future.

Pretty sure you can use the book we delivered at any level. It’s a special version of the training that, from what I understand, shouldn’t care what level you are. Give it a shot.

Unfortunately not, its required basic training too…

[18:39] You must have trained the feat: Basic Riding
[18:39] You are unable to perform this action.

Thanks for the Advanced Riding book and the reduced price so some of my other characters can buy it!I

Well done!

Well yeah, you still need Basic riding, but once you know that, you should be able to use the Advanced riding we gave you right after.

Stop slacking and level up


Tyvm @AndyB for the price reduced to 5g!! Is that temporary?

The cost reduction is a permanent change.


Please reconsider the price change. Economy is boosted by the prices, and there is more incentive for crafters to do their job.

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10 gold is the f2p spending cap

there’s no incentive to build savings that cannot be spent

concerned for the economy? lifting the cap would help tremendously

sounds like a done deal

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