Annual wipe for official PVP servers!

I believe annual map wipe should be introduced to the game ONLY ON OFFICIAL servers. I’m so sick of tired to go on a server start playing just to find out every critical point being blocked by other players who call themselves ‘‘alphas’’. That’s good mate you siting there on that server but if nobody can build up how the hell and who the hell you going to PVP with. Another way could be is limit the land a clan or player can occupied on a server.

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or make it as global quest with factions pro and contra the apocalypse.

So other than NO, what is your solution for servers that has been build up by people, critical points blocked, obs blocked etc??? Solution people not just NO!!!

NO!, Go play on a private if your sick of public servers…

The people that play on official servers don’t have a problem with what’s going on with them its new folks hence yourself that cant find their perfect spot so you complain.

I am part of what you call an “Alpha clan” and the reason we hold on to locations like Obs and mass resources is because of toxic players blocking these locations. The official server I play on has 2-3 “alpha” clans that protect the site and no one has a problem with it because they’re all accessible. We get a lot of hate when new people join that we have too much land or (like your original post) they can’t have any of it.

Here are the facts EVEN if they wiped the servers on a yearly calendar. You’re still going to have the hardcore people race to get the “Critical Points” <- whatever that means… You will never be happy.

I agree, a wipe every 3 months. Because all actual apha build are done with previous duping exploits. Remember the dupe with dismantle bench arrows? …


They just did 2x exp on harvesting on officials for like 2 weeks how is that any different? I got so many mats in that 2 weeks ill never have to farm again.

NO I won’t play on private! Don’t tell me where to play just because of toxic ‘‘Alphas’’ build up the server. I’m not sick of official servers I’m sick of people think official servers belongs to them because they are ‘‘Alphas’’. Who are you to take over the server and tell new or other players to go somewhere else??? That is not your server!!! It is PUBLIC
Of course you guys don’t have a problem, because you guys BUILD up and TAKE OVER everything!!!
I paid for this game just as you are, I have the same rights to play on the server just as you are!!
Maybe you right annual wipe not the perfect solution but limiting how much you can occupies on a server definitely!! Also around critical landmarks no players should be allow to build.
I’m not a toxic player and sure as hell I don’t want to take over any server, however I do have a right to enjoy a game. But looks like according to you I don’t!!!
Very mature and smart attitude.

Every 3 months might be a bit of overkill

Im not trying to tell you where or where not to play. Your trying to change the way the rest of us play so im sorry for being just a little irritated.

And here we go with that Toxic word being thrown around. Bud not everyone that plays this game is toxic. You can be in a 10 man clan and still have morals. It only takes one of you, however, to rally other like-minded people to start nonsense

Let me ask you something what is your ideal official server?

You’re honestly going to sit here and tell me you want to farm for hours build a nice big base in your perfect little spot and then be fine with it being wiped and start over?

I mean just play on a PVP server if you want that and again what is a “Critical point” in the map that you just can not find. There are plenty of empty servers sounds to me you want to be just like said “Toxic” players.

If they do wipes i’m going to uninstall this just like i did with Atlas. Had that character for months and grinded my butt off just to have it all lost because of whiny, entitled little snots. I bet you also want all the billionaires to pay for your college, too :sweat_smile::rofl:

We need a nuclear war. I’m tired of living among these people

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You just said go play somewhere else, this is a definition of telling me where and how to play.
Second part- I’m no shape of form telling you how to play a game, I’m asking a solution so we can all co-exist.

I didn’t use that word YOU did, I simply copy and paste.

Disagree I’m in a 10 man clan right now all grown up mature players 40-50 and not one is toxic. Mature man with families and moral.
As me? I’m a dedicated/served and awarded with Navy silver star ex Navy personnel, I think I’m not classed as a toxic player

Finally a sentence we can have a decent conversation around.
My ideal server would be where everyone has equal maximum space. Why? Because over hulling the map so no new player can have a chance to build up doesn’t really sound fair. Read the terms and conditions. It is actually against it to build up.

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.
  • Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.

Here I copied for you have a read.

However you tell me what is a solution than? What is your suggestion to players that trying to join Conan and all they find is servers spammed to the ground with buildings. No, going on an empty server not a solution, why would I go in an empty server who am I going to play against PVP???

I’ll give you the stupidest comment of the century award. Well done mate

Pro Tip: If you highlight and click “quote” you can have one nice big comment.

Im confused now so now you have a 10 man clan. You’re on a quest to find the perfect land claim for said 10 man clan but you can’t because of all the toxic people have all the land on all the thousand and one official servers and your end game here is to get the FC admins to wipe all the servers so we can all live in peace?

Doesn’t that just sound a little cray cray?

Facts: You paid for a sandbox game. There are no rules against building ANYWHERE. The new rules that were just put in place protect BLOCKING game content (mainly dungeons and entrance into the actual lands). There have been Zero bans done in reference to the spamming of sandstone walls. Funcom does not hire staff to babysit the servers and is impossible to administer every official server. So each and every server must form its own community to deal with its own problems.

On PVP this is easier to achieve since you can actually destroy buildings no so much on PvE. Since you have a 10 man clan im not sure why you are having so many problems you should be able to deal with them if you’re on PvP.

Tip: I did break it down to different sections to give my answer separately

Again you did not offer any solution!!!

Yes you will be able to deal with them. AGAIN if everything is BLOCKED how the hell you can get resources to even get to the stage to blow things up??

Please can you have a good think about what would be the solution. I think your problem is that you think I’m trying to personally attacking you or that cosy little server you took over. Not the case.

If never ever been done anything about it that is just really said.

Now again, can we have a grown up conversation and maybe come up with a solution or you just keep being defensive rather than rational.

I don’t need to come up with a solution I like the game the way it is im defending my cause just like your defending your cause.

All things come to an end eventually. I have put in just about 2 years worth of work on my server. The day FC wipes the servers is the day I quit this game. I think I speak for a lot of people on that statement.

Look man I did not mean for this to be a back and forth thing but what your asking or looking for can only be accomplished on private servers with actual everyday admins. There is no real solution to official server problems. Solve man-kinds greediness and self morals is what your asking.