Another broken patch? C'mon

Anybody else not able to repair legendary weapons after today’s patch?

Found a couple more issues, but got disgusted and quit playing for now. After nearly a year, I feel like I’m running around in circles. Wishfully jump in when the game is patched. Find more broken stuff. Report. Stop playing till the next patch. Rinse. Repeat.

I really like the concept of this game. Just wish I could play it more often without the stuttering and myriad of minor irritations. Too much to ask?

Next step…wait for someone to flag my post for voicing my frustration.

at least you can get in several servers are having disconnect problems and no word from funcom at all about it,i really hate the has been roughly 3 hours now I have gotten in twice for less than a minute each time.checked the forums and others with the same issue yet not a word from them

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