Another Conan Exiles type game

So, I really like Conan Exiles. I like the feel and the game play. It’s not perfect, but I don’t regret getting the game (or all of the DLCs) or the hours & hours that I have played it.

That said, I think it would be cool to have a CE style game (still made by Funcom) set in a different historical or fantasy setting. Personally, I would love to see a game set in Ancient Greece, where you play a demigod (like Heracles or Perseus), and interact with characters from Greek legend (like Jason or the Greek Gods). Instead of collecting thralls, people would seek you out based on your exploits. I would still want it to be a survivor type game, were you build your own fortress or city.

What do you think?

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Pienso que un Conan Exiles pero con temática de juego de tronos estaría aún mejor.

Or even a Science Fiction setting with Conan Exiles gameplay. Perhaps something like,… oh, I don’t know,… maybe… Dune? :wink: :wink:


NONSENSE! HERESY! Even though that’s exactly what they are making. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds to me like you want to play Assassins Creed Odyssey or even Titan Quest both games are good in my opinion

I’ve played Titan Quest and it was fine, not great.

I have never gotten into the Assassins Creed games, but have thought about trying out Odyssey because of the Greek setting.

But neither of them are like the style of Conan Exiles, which is what I would like in an Ancient Greek based game.

My personal wish would be a continuation of the Exile’s story, with the beginning starting with an exodus from the Exiled Lands to a new map

They could call it Conan Exiles 2, make it bigger, better, with more space for stuff.

The ‘perfect’ way would be for the game to load your character from Conan Exiles with your gear, weapons, cosmetics etc. as the starting point for the new game. Those who chooses to start ‘from scratch’ might elect to do so with generic armor, weapons, utility/equipment etc.

Sort of rewarding those of us who have played through the first game to completion.

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Why not a dedicated game for RolePlay, over 80% here on the forums will be pleased.

Awesome a new Dune game, who’s making it?..ohhh nevermind :mask:

That could work, but make the new map Hyboria… you’ve escaped from the exiled lands, and now you can go home.
I don’t know if transferring with your old gear would work, because of all the mods.

The world of hyboria is supposed to be set in that era, in a fantasy setting called sword and sorcery, this game though, seems too fantastical even without a magic system.

But if what you mean is a more “realistic” approach to the bronze age, based on real myths and legends of this world, sounds good to me :^)

That would be… kinda big, you know. Just the Hyborian nations alone encompassed a region bigger than modern Europe (because some of the Hyborian lands sank into the ocean according to Howard). The whole Exiled Lands would be an area about the size of a big city on that map. It would take weeks to travel from one side of the map to the other. And this is before we start adding Turan, Hyrkania, Stygia, the Black Coast, Khitai or lands left unexplored by Howard.

Or you’d need to shrink the world into a manageable size where each nation has basically one city and its surroundig countryside, similar to how the Exiled Lands factions are built. That would seriously break the immersion. Where are the 10,000 armored knights of Poitain if the whole Aquilonia has 90 people living in it?

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My dear friend i am Greek and i love your idea, still i have to inform you that Perseus exist as a demigod of Greek mythology only in a Hollywood scenario. Achilles (ΑΧΙΛΛΈΑΣ) not of Troy because again Hollywood, Achilles the mirmidonas (ο Μυρμιδωνας), that was the hero of the Troy war, is a good demigod to use as example. Hollywood takes the Greek mythology and ancient history and present it like soap opera, omg. I know it is not your fault and i am really sorry if i sound offensive, this is not my intention at all. After all it is not your fault for the Hollywood garbage, plus i am honored you mention the heros i grow up with and i cannot be more grateful. Still if they just once let the history as it was then you would understand why i am getting upset. Leonidas of Sparta didn’t need to face flying assassins to prove his effort, 1.000.000 vs 300 is good enough. Still he was not the King of Sparta, he was the little brother of the King, but he was stronger and his brother was afraid of him. Leonidas loved his older brother, his King and though the law of Sparta was to face him and claim the throne, he was tottaly opposite to this idea and he was punishing anyone that mentioned this calling him in a battle. Everyone in Sparta respect the reaction of Leonidas and stopped provoking him to do it, still the King was afraid the influence of his brother wife and so he sent him to his Slaughter. The king promised him reinforcements, still he send none. And when the King of Sparta realized that his little brother was becoming a myth with flesh and bones, he send Efialtis to the Persians to betray his little brother and to make sure that he will not return to Sparta alive…
All i try to say here is that this history doesn’t need ketchup, Ancient Greek history and mythology doesn’t need flying farts, it is an inspiration for all the rest, it just needs respect. Thank you again for the idea :+1:, i am honored


So Perseus isn’t the son of Zeus? I was under the assumption that a demigod is the child of a union between a mortal and a god.

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You are correct demigods are

Sons of gods. The problem is that

Sorry same mistake twise, big fingers, small, phone, what i was trying to tell you is that Perseus exist as a demigod only to the imagination of a Hollywood script writer. Like Kratos on God of War. The funniest thing on Kratos is that he is the hero of my son, of course gaming hero, my sons name is Achilles so…

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I’m italian and I totally support you when you say: “All i try to say here is that this history doesn’t need ketchup”, there are so many true epic stories from all around the countries (not only Greece) that would not need and JJ Abrahams behind the camera to be told (pun intended to mr. Abrahams ^^) .


I am really sure that Italy has ancient heros too. I remember (from the history lessons) about the 4th century before Jesus, Athens wanted to expand their domination, since all the other Greece was under their domination, out from the borders of Greece. They went to Sicily to start a war, Sicilians slaughter them with just 1000 horses. 40.000 it was the army that was slaughtered in just one day, they left only a few alive to return back and give the message of the Greek defeat. So i am really sure that back then you had your own ancient Italian heros :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The only Greek General that ever passes the borders of Greece it was Alexander the Great. Watching Hollywood make this person Gey make me sik. Not that i have something against gey persons, but i dont think that the sexual prefer of this person is the reason that his name remained in the history. And since we speak about this, what is the difference between Elvis and Freddy. For me the only difference is that they lived in different times, their voice, their show, their soul will always keep them alive in our hearts, not their sexual prefer.

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