Another day another bug!

Hey all,
Now when I put some tools in 8 fast slots.
I can’t get them out. I have to repair them first.
Now my Ankh won’t come out at all.
Well I See this forum lighting up on the Ninth if this crap is not fixed.
Game should be called Bugs Exiles as much as people are posting
about then

Instead of being a whiny petulant child, be helpful for once in your life and submit a proper bug report.

Don’t lie and say you have already either

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Thank you Mother amber
When I don’t need this forum anymore
I will give you exactly the correct reply Punk :rage:

Are you playing in single, dedicated? Live? Testlive? Official? Private?


Hello Zing,
I have private server I am the Admin of.
Thanks for the courteous and Adult reply :smiley:

Haha, sorry, I tend to get to the point :slight_smile:

Do you have drop equipment on death on or off?
Also, have you experienced spawning with unarmed left and right in either your inventory or toolbar?

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I didn’t see anything wrong in your answer.
It was the 1 above.
No drop on death.
It is intermittent.
Only started a few days ago.
I play 4 to 5 hours at a time.
That’s when the little bugs creep in.
Right after I posted this I could pull the Items out and retried no problem.
This is the last post on bugs only 6 days left then we will
see if the rubber meets the road.
Thanks again :smiley:

Move something into the fast slot over the tools you are trying to remove. The tool will go into your inventory.

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Hey Bad,
Tried that many a time can move between between slots but not out
I goes away by it self
Thanks Again

You cant have the tool/weapon equipped in your hand while trying to move it from your hot bar to your inventory. Unequip the weapon/tool and try that.


Yes that is correct Sir.
Thank You for your help :smiley:

Anytime fellow barbarian! (Sorry, saying just “anytime” wasn’t long enough of a reply…had to extend it)