Any chance to increase the drawing distance?

All settings are set to maximum and at the same time grass, bushes and other objects of the environment are drawn at a distance of 20 meters from the character. It simply destroys the effect of presence. I am sure that my PC is able to render a much longer range without loss of performance - but how to make it do it?

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It isn’t possible to do via settings or even a mod currently. It was something I looked into several months back for mod creation and it simply isn’t accessible. Funcom would need to create a whole new graphic setting.

There’s the mod GrassDensity (may 2018) available through Steam.

In its help there’s this tip on console commands:
show fog - toggle distance fog
r.viewdistancescale 3 - increases object visibility distance

No, I didn’t get into the super details of it all so I’m not an expert on how it all works. All I did was hunt around in the dev kit, and asked one of the developers about where to find the setting for it. That’s when I was told that it was hard coded in c++, so I dropped my pursuit at that point.

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Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure thats the same setting that can be found in the menu. And all that setting does is change how far back LOD0 will stretch before converting to lower detailed LODs. Actual draw distance I’m not aware of any way of changing it, though I am DEFINITELY not an expert on all the available admin commands via the console.

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It’s definitely needed for structures. The pop-in is real my fellow barbarians. :expressionless:


I am pretty sure they have draw distance tuned so a computer of minimum requirement can run low settings with max draw distance at a reasonable frame rate. We couldn’t have someone with a better computer being able to see farther then other people now could we?

Qualified developers in such cases make low-level detail of objects, rather than their appearance “out of thin air” 10 meters from the player. And I did not talk about buildings - let’s say that this “can” give some advantages to players with powerful PCs. I was talking about grass! Just - about the grass. Because the appearance of grass in the sandy wasteland from nowhere makes my eyes cry blood.

I’ve never experienced grass draw issues. Grass as far has I can see. But I have a Samsung Pro NVMe so loading textures is near instant for me. What’s your storage device?

The speed of my SSD drive in this case does not matter, because the game engine renders the bushes at a distance of 26 steps of my character. Thus, if I take 2 steps forward - a low-detailed bush appears (exactly the same as bushes 2 steps in front of it), when I take 2 steps back - the bush disappears. And the bush reappears when I take 2 steps forward. Thus, there is no unique bush that must be loaded and which does not yet exist in memory. It does not matter when driving on a flat surface overgrown with grass, but immediately hits the eyes when the ascent of the hill begins (or descent from the mountain).

Something wrong with your in game setting or computer. I see grass on cliffs at the edge of my view distance with my $3k computer, but if I play on my old crappy laptop I get what you describe unless I put it in low end laptop mode. Have you tried low end mode?

I can see trees, bushes, rocks on the other side of the water far past the 26 steps you talk about. Post your computer specs cause it sure is not the game that is causing your 26 steps of rendering. You can save that pic and then zoom in on it and you will see there are bushes rendered on the other side of the water, virtually impossible to see without zooming in on a screenshot. Now I do not see other players or player structures at that distance but game terrain, yes.

The only time I’ve seen the behavior you’re describing is when “Low end laptop mode” is enabled. Perhaps verify that setting is unchecked.

Yes, lol. I got my wording mixed up. Thank you for the clarification.

I did some testing and the only way I can reproduce what you say is if I have view distance set to low, laptop mode didn’t really do anything other then make the low texture setting even more low rez. Set your view distance to ultra and see what you get.

It seems we have some misunderstanding. For some reason I can’t take a screenshot - F12 or printscreen doesn’t work, so I use yours

I call the “bushes” those little leaves in the red circles. These little ones are drawn from 26 steps.

lol, ok. I see those little bits of grass from a huge distance but has i get closer the texture of them gets improved with more detail. I can see it bring in a new more detailed texture to replace the original. They definitely don’t pop in right in front of me. In your case you must not be seeing the low rez distant version of them and only see the high rez version pop in when you get close to it. Could be a GPU driver issue? I am using a Vega64, yours?

Ok, I learned how to take screenshots (stupid ANSEL thinks that if he is there, then there are no other ways needed and they can be disabled).
1 - no bush.

2 - 2 steps forward and the bush appeared.
3 - 2 more steps and a few more bushes appeared

If you take 2 steps back - they disappear. And when you go uphill, it happens literally under your nose.

You may not be seeing all the low rez distant textures and only see the object once the high rez texture streams in. In my examples you can see the high rez texture come in. Look at the distant foliage to the left of the distant door, kinda over my right shoulder. There is one step between pic one and 2. This appears to be the distance you are saying.

Either way its being pretty picky if that is a major issue for you.

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Yes, this is the LOD mesh loading in I was referring to. Each object in the game has x amount of LODs, with ever increasing detail as you get closer. How far out the higher quality objects load in, versus a lower quality object is determined by the graphic settings.

What isn’t impacted by this setting is say, making the building in your screenshot load in sooner, lower quality or higher quality. No matter what setting you have, the building will “pop” into view at the same distance, whether that’s LOD0(high quality) or LOD4(low quality). And what I’ve noticed is that different objects have different max ranges. Like Buildings will load in further away then say a torch would.

This is a low priority wish list of mine as well since I now have a high quality rig to be able to render from further out, but it isn’t a big deal to me. I would have made a mod capable of supporting this by now if I could, but it’s hardcoded. So Funcom would have to make the setting, which of course isn’t something simple to do (nothing ever is haha).