Any progress on thralls?

Have not played for a while. Was wondering if the issues with thralls falling through buildings and not defending themselves have been fixed.

Not fixed at this very moment, no. But working on it specifically as we speak, yes. You can read about it here. Another cool link you can follow is the official Trello board so you can see how things are going and what’s being worked on bug wise.


They just released a patch to test live that altered a lot of things it should be coming out fairly soon and it is bringing alot of changes to not only thralls but animals as well. (It may or may not fix that issue.)

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Wasn’t in the patch notes that I can recall. I wouldn’t expect too many AI thrall fixes or changes in this go around.

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Oop wait nevermind yeah i miss read something good catch Multi.

There lot of thrall fixes and changes in the new testlive patch ! They should now have combos, and more.


It should now be possible to swim with captured thralls. Doing so will make them float.
Thralls should now be able to use throwing axes correctly
Fixed an issue in the spawn table (Shout-outs to Alex02 on the forums) where Rokur and * Marn had incorrectly been set up and would not spawn as intended.
Fixed an issue where archers did not exit combat properly and their AI got stuck
Taskmasters are now more instantly recognizable from the equipment they wear (Hyperborean slaver outfit pieces). Dancers are also now generally wearing either the Stygian or Zamorian dancer outfits
Combo rule sets have now been set up for NPCs. Tier 1-2 (and Bearers) are considered novices and do not use optimal combos, while Tier 3-4 NPCs will be more efficient at using attack-combinations, including offhand attacks. What this effectively means is that human melee-oriented NPCs should now attempt to use real combos instead of randomizing their attacks.
Removed the threaten animation from Grey Apes, as it would cause them to get stuck
Fixed an issue where certain pet rhinos could not attack
Pets and thralls should now smoothly follow the player as opposed to "run-stop-run"
Thralls that are set to follow players should no longer teleport like crazy when they cannot reach you. They still will attempt to teleport but now there is a reasonable delay between each attempt.
Thrall items now go into the thrall slot when shift-clicking them in a crafting station
Fixed an issue that allowed expanding thrall inventories
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Ah sorry, I was thinking more of the AI improvements they have been talking about (the extra orders, falling through the foundation fixes, etc). But yes, there were some bug fixes and improvements this go around, just not THE AI/Thrall improvements.

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