Any recommendation on where to find Mythra religion item on Sypta

Still yet to find Mythra religion item on Sypta. Please recommend good locations to look for it. I suspect I am missing somewhere obvious.

Surges might be ur best place. Although npcs in the new Camps drop the scroll/recipe aswell. Surges have 100% drop rate of at least 1.

I found a Derketo tablet from one of the new camps, there is one camp on the eastern side of the map that has a mitra priest as a sure spawn, have you tried there?

There is a camp in the east central part of the island near the coast, on the river. A Mitra priest always spawns there, in fact I think there was a Arch Priest a couple of times. Sometimes, they drop the Mitra thingy, I can’t remember if it is a scroll or tablet. But it is a good place to start. I believe it is right across the river from the Lonely Grave.

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Yes, i came across a camp with a Priest all in blue… i killed. Not sure about the scroll. Was just on travel, so not have spent lot time in this camp.

Gotten the item once but in all honesty fragments of power are super easy to get the cost is not much

There is a “Riverwatch Camp” in the N10 on east side of map with Mystra spawn. I tried camping there but no luck. Maybe just the dice roll were not in my favor. Will try again in the future. Thank you for advise everyone. I wanted to make sure I am not missing a better location but doesn’t look right it

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