Priest of Derketo

I know that you can (or could) get a priest of set or mitra at the stone pirate ship. Does a priest of derketo spawn there now? I bought the altar (Xbox1) but have yet to find a priest to place there.

Well, before I left the server I was playing on I would make multiple runs through the galleon specifically to see if a Derketo priest spawned. Unfortunately I never saw one, but I did see an Archpriest of Set once. So, if a Derketo priest ever does show up, at least there’s a chance they could be an archpriest. :smiley:

The Derketo priest will usually spawns in jungle/swamp area.

Every priest has a spot they “usually” spawn in, but the galleon spawns random priests in the basement. I’ve seen priests of Mitra, Set and Yog there. It’s random, so I understand why the question is being asked in the first place. He’s curious(as am I) as to whether or not anyone’s found a random priest of Derketo down there.

Hey All,
How many religions can you have.
I was at the Mitra temple but could could not get the religion just the Emote.

As far as I’m aware, you can technically have every religion available. You either spent 50 feat points to learn it, or you have to find an NPC around the map that’ll teach it to you. If the Mitran priest wouldn’t teach you their ways, that makes me wonder if you selected Mitra when you created your character. I’ve never had a priest not teach me their ways, so I don’t know. Could be a bug, but I’m leaning more towards you already knew Mitra.

apparently you never see ymir priest spawning in black galleon, which means the possibility of spawning derketo priest is pretty low as well.

It should be bug then, since mitra teacher is currently in the Mitra temple located top center of desert area

What a dumb A$$ I am!!!
You were correct I already have Mitra,
Too much grinding and not paying Attention
Thank Again
The Dumb A$$

The derketo priest only respawn during the purge its called shala the lust slaker, its only a luck to have that priest along with the purge